Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mystic Seaport - "Pretty Cool" Says the New England Shore Trekkers

WHAT IS UP Teen Treks fam. Welcome back to another blog post. We started our trek at around 9:15 in the morning. We biked around a cool 20 miles. We had a quicker than usual lunch consisting of Nutella and Peanut-Butter or Jelly for those who are wack. We continued biking after that and finally arrived at our Days Inn. We chilled and unpacked for about an hour then got back on to the road to get to The Mystic Seaport Museum which was pretty cool, not to lie. We than grabbed a bite at the famous "Mystic Pizza" which apparently had a movie filmed for it but it wasn't that popular. They loved it though, screenshots from the film were scattered all throughout the walls of the restaurant. We then got some damn good ice cream. We got two quartz of two flavours, Mint Chocolate Chip and Mystic Mud. Mystic Mud consisted of candy and some fudge all in chocolate ice cream. Twas good. We ate our ice cream listening to a live performance of some very interesting blues/rock type music. We then biked back to the hotel and bonded within our hotel rooms. It was a very comfortable day in terms of biking and accommodations. yeet.
- Trekker Andre