Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Andy White

Greetings, yo!

I'm Andy, from Troy, NY.  This summer is my most exciting one yet, as I am leading for Teen Treks.  I've done a tour each summer for the past 4 years, the most notable one going from Troy to Plymouth and back.  Right now, I'm a nursing major at Plattsburgh State, finishing up one last class in the fall and then I'll have a BSN! I've been a Resident Assistant at SUNY Plattsburgh for 2.5 years, and was a summer camp counselor for 5 years.  I like to sing, dance, do cartwheels, grow a beard, throw frisbees super far, hike, run, and make people smile.

Over the past year, I've had wonderful opportunities through my university to do volunteer work in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia over my winter and spring breaks.  We helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity, and work in the parks of Florida eliminating invasive species of plants, and in Virginia doing trail maintenance.

I'm very passionate about cycling, whether it be cruising down a big hill or pushing up the next one.  There is something just too special about the wind in your hair, the power in your legs (and mind), and the happiness from conquering a trail.   Discovering new things is the spice of life, and I can't wait to make that happen -- on my bicycle, and alongside you!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Kyle Simpson

Cheers, Teen Trekkers! I’m Kyle, from Orlando Florida, and I am ecstatic to be a trip leader this summer. I can’t wait to be back on the road with all the gear loaded on the back of my bike, living the dream one pedal at a time. I love all the spontaneous adventures that come from Teen Trek trips, having been on five of them, including the Across America Trek. They offer an unparalleled opportunity for personal reflection and growth, and I credit the trips for leading me to the field of urban planning. Before Teen Treks, I had no idea you could have a full-time job dealing with bike stuff! (Crazy, right!?!) I must warn you, bike riding is addicting. Once you experience all the fun and excitement of a tour, you can’t wait to do another. I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead you on a fantastic voyage of bicycle awesomeness this summer!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Laura Brown

Hello everyone!!

My name is Laura and I can’t wait for this summer to start!  I grew up in the cute little town of Fredonia, NY where I spent my childhood frolicking in the grape vineyards and swimming in Lake Erie.  I ventured off to The Netherlands after high school as a foreign exchange student where I fell in love with biking.  As my main mode of transportation, I quickly became dependent on my beloved Dutch bike. After many overseas adventures, I returned to the states and never stopped biking.  I just finished my degree in biomedical engineering at the University at Buffalo, so I am ready for another summer spent travelling by bike. 

I thrive off of having a hectic lifestyle but always find time to do the things I love most: hiking, cooking, laughing, swimming, drinking tea, knitting, and biking, of course.  My favorite memories are from the times spent travelling, experiencing new things, and spontaneous adventures.  I am sure that the bike trips this summer will be filled with all of these things!

I led an awesome group around Lake Ontario last summer with Teen Treks and I’m pumped to be back again this year! I hope you are all ready for an exciting summer! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Tyler Madell

Hey everyone! I'm Tyler, and I'm excited to once again be leading with Teen Treks after my hiatus last summer conducting Tropical Ecology research and traveling Central America.  I can't wait to be out on the road leading another Teen Trek this summer!  Some of the best summers of my life have been the ones that I have spent on a bicycle, feeling the wind in my hair, being out in the sun, and visiting new places.  I've traveled a lot by bicycle with Teen Treks as a trekker (my favorite trip was the Across America Trek) and I am returning for my third summer as a Teen Treks leader.  Although I spend as much time as possible on my bike, I also enjoy playing music, hiking, camping, eating ice cream, and dreaming about the next outdoor adventure. I can't wait to meet all of the 2014 leaders and trekkers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adventure awaits you!

May is National Bike Month, and to celebrate it, we thought we'd show off some of the adventures Teen Trekkers get into while traveling by bicycle.

Hiking through the lush woods in the Pacific Northwest:

Climbing the rugged landscapes and rocky beaches along the Maine Coast:

Kayaking on a sunny afternoon, which we do on the New York-Montreal trek, as well as on the Pacific Northwest:


Stopping for an afternoon swim on our way Across America and on the 1000 Mile Challenge:

Grilling over a campfire on our way around Lake Ontario:

And of course, biking. . .

Biking. . .


There's nothing like the thrill of discovering the world under your own power:

Celebrate National Bike Month by getting out on your bike and seeing where it takes you!

Many of our trips are filling up, but we do have spots available. Don't miss out -- apply now to make your summer unforgettable!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Deborah Kraft

Hey Trekkers! My name is Deborah and I am so pumped to be biking with Teen Treks this summer! I grew up and still live just outside of Albany, NY. I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Geology, and now I work for a cool company that grows packaging material out of mushroom roots! Neat, huh? It's basically a styrofoam alternative that is biodegradable.

Bicycling is one of my greatest passions in life. To me, it represents freedom from fossil fuels, a healthy lifestyle, and an awesome way to travel. I've done many long bike trips in the past and I bike to work almost every day all year round (yes, even in the snow!). I love being outside, playing ultimate frisbee, eating wild berries, traveling the world, and laughing until it hurts.

Can't wait to tour with you this summer!