Wednesday, August 20, 2008

C&O-J29 Pics!

Fun at Ohiopyle Campground!

Taking a swimming break.

Three person piggy back ride!

On the other end of Savage Tunnel.

Crossing the Eastern Continental Divide!

Across America- Day " I can't believe we're in New York!"

So we're a little behind on the whole blog thing, but that's because we've been biking, well, a over 3,000 miles and through a couple more states. We didn't know if Minneapolis could be beat, but Wisconsin proved to be especially enjoyable, taking some time to eat cheese curds, hang out at the HI in Madison, and ride up the coast of lake Michigan to the Mantiwoc ferry across. After a quick tour from Ludington to Port Huron, Michigan, we just spent 3 lovely days navigating through Ontario, hitting up Tim Horton's at least once a day, and after our third century ride yesterday, we are in Buffalo!!yay!

Across America- Through Minneapolis

Cool bike shop in Minneapolis...
Riding over the bike highway/greenway bridge in Minneapolis.
Amos and Alex filling up at a sprinkler stop.
Kate and Matt enjoying a laundromat picnic of fresh and tasty treats from the co-op next door.
Camping outside of the RumShack after our first century...100 more miles outside of Minneapolis
Amos and Matt praying to the tailwind gods outside of Minneapolis...unfortunately it wasn't successful.

Friday, August 8, 2008

C&O-J29- Harper's Ferry

Hey Everyone! Greetings from the C&O-J29 trip! We've been having quite the adventure on our trek! We have successfully completed the Allegehny passage bike path and are a little more than half way through the C&O Canal bike path. Getting out of Pittsburgh was a bit of a challenge but everyone was excited to start the trip. The first day consisted of about 6 flat tires which left the group a little frustrated but also gave everyone a chance to learn some bike mechanics. We're all pros by now! We all spent some time in Ohiopyle, PA with a day of white water rafting. Everyone had a blast! The best part was making fun of the other groups that kept getting stuck on rocks! Riding through Pennsylvania on the Allegehny trail was a treat. It is very flat, compared to the C&O which can get a little bumpy at times. We are all getting excited to arrive in DC, which is just around the corner. We have plenty of pictures which we will post once we have reached our destination! Right now we are in Harper's Ferry and looking forward to expoloring the Civil War town tomorrow...hopefully see a reenactment. We will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

NY-RATS Day Sixteen

Hey folks! We're on day sixteen of the NY-RATS trip, and still going strong, barely...but we're loving it! During the last two weeks, we've had 30+ flats, a couple casualties, 7 broken spokes, and a few other daily obstacles, but it hasn't been enough to damper spirits. The craziness never ends as we all grow closer and get to know each other better. Camping is always a joy, but we never stop looking forward to the warm beds of the hostels. Sometimes when we don't have a planned campground, we try to find a comfortable place to phantom camp. One night we met a couple in Canandagua, Jon and Sarah, who invited us to camp in their backyard and use their shower. They even fed us ice cream and breakfast! It's amazing how warm hearts like theirs are willing to open their homes to tired bikers like us. Every day brings forth fun activities such as ice cream eating, swimming in any rivers or lakes we find, hunting for food stores to feed hungry bellies and going on local historical excursions. Only five more days, sure to bring tons of great memories and new challenges! We'll see you in the Big Apple! :)