Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Dana Ballard

Dana Ballard
Hey there!

My name is Dana and I could not be more excited to be one of your leaders this summer! I grew up right outside Washington D.C., and have also spent time living in Montreal, Canada (where I went to university) and in Philadelphia. I’ve been a bike commuter for years and last summer had the amazing opportunity to bike across the country while raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. It was an incredible adventure full of natural beauty, physical and mental challenges and wonderful friendships. Biking is such a unique way to travel that allows people to truly experience their surroundings.

I love to travel and spend a lot of time thinking about where I’ll go next. I’m also a big fan of cooking, reading, playing the ukulele, being outside, crossword-puzzling, dancing, trying new things and meeting new people.

I can’t wait to get back on my bike, meet all of you, and share an awesome summer!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Cecilia Quillin

Cecilia is ready for all those on-the-road surprises!
Hey there!

I’m Cecelia from the great Mitten State, Michigan!  I’m beyond excited for our upcoming adventure together! I co-led an AWESOME group of teens last year on the Maine Coast trek and loved every minute. So I'm beyond excited to be back for round two!

After riding my bicycle across the country with Bike & Build in 2011, I knew one day I would love to lead a cycling journey myself. Traveling by bicycle is something special; a sense of aliveness you just don’t feel through other modes of transportation (exception: piggy-back!).

Laughter, hiking, creating, kittens & pups, camping, ice cream, weaving, good tunes, yoga, being spontaneous--I love it all!

A young person’s imagination and creativity is enlivening, I enjoy being around that energy. I have worked with teens in schools and after-school programs, and also assisted youth at many different non-profits throughout the country.

Anyways, enough about me, I’m ready to meet YOU! The road is awaitin’ us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bike the California Coast this summer with Teen Treks! SUN and FUN!

California’s bright, sunny days and cool ocean breezes make biking its coastline a summer in paradise. Join us to soak up beautiful beaches and tour some of the country's most famous cities for 18 glorious days!

You’ll start in bike-friendly San Francisco, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and historic Fisherman’s Wharf, then travel south, down the coast.

Along the way, you'll stay in unique lighthouse hostels and enjoy great hiking and camping in Big Sur. Much of our California Coast route follows the Pacific Coast Highway, the winding, scenic road high above the ocean you’ve seen in movies and on TV. Take this trip, and you’ll see that California was made for biking!

You'll get loads of swimming and sun on the beaches through Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, and finish your adventure with three days in Los Angeles -- including sightseeing in Hollywood!

We're running two treks up the California Coast this summer, for teens entering grades 10 and up:

  • June 27 - July 14
  • July 18 - August 4
Apply now to reserve your place on one of our most gorgeous routes!  

Or sign up for one of our other amazing trips: New York City - Montreal, European Phantom, Pacific Northwest, New England Shore, Maine Coast -- and more!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Cassie Mullen

Hello fellow dreamers, adventurers, and thrill seekers! My name is Cassie Mullen and I am originally from the great city of Seattle where there is nothing quite so lovely as sipping a nice cup of coffee on a drizzly day. The credit for my love of biking belongs to my cool big sister (although I will never admit that to her). The longest trip I have ever done was just under 2,200 miles from Minnesota to Seattle, and I must say that there is something inherently satisfying about propelling yourself along with nothing but the combined power of your muscles and your will, where no barriers of glass or time prevent you from soaking up the beautiful world. This, along with camping, removes us from the arbitrary confinements of society and reminds us what it means to be alive, be human, and be who we are. I have been coaching, and tutoring teens for a while now, and I am excited to bike with you all this summer. In addition to coaching basketball and soccer, I am a ski and snowboard instructor and am willing to beat you at any sport or game you want to play. I rock climb and sail, and am starting medical school in the fall. If you are ready for a grand adventure, ready to go with the flow, ready to teach me something and learn in return all the while eating tons of delicious food, (because all food tastes extraordinary when you are biking so far every day,) then we will have a wonderful voyage this summer! I look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Kristen O'Brien

My name is Kristen and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a second grade teacher, and I can't wait to spend my summer break in the saddle with wonderful people in the outdoors! I can't think of a better experience. Words can't describe how I felt after I finished my first trek from Lancaster, PA to Havre de Grace, Maryland in one day.  Last summer I led the New York City to Montreal trek and it was a great experience. I'm excited to accomplish something great with you!

One of my favorite cities to travel to is Vancouver, B.C. to visit my twin sister, bike around Stanley park, and go snowboarding in Whistler.

I also enjoy competing in triathlons, scuba diving, and currently am trying to improve my volleyball skills. If there is a lake, swimming hole, beach or pool you'll have trouble keeping me out. In the past I developed a curriculum for an outreach program for middle school students in underrepresented schools to teach resiliency, self confidence, goal setting and interpersonal relationships skills. I also am a high school JV lacrosse coach.

I can't wait to meet you and make memories that last a lifetime!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bike Across America this summer with Teen Treks!

Biked across America with Teen Treks this past summer. What an incredible experience!!!  I learned so much about myself, my bike, and my country over my eight weeks of biking.  I loved my experience this summer and would definitely recommend it.  It's hard work (with fun), but if you want to push yourself and do something so amazing that you can tell stories about it for the rest of your life -- go for it!! 
 Daniel, Across America Trekker, 2012

Welcome to our toughest trip!

Ride 3,800 miles across the U.S. over 8 amazing weeks -- this trek is truly an accomplishment and always a life-changing experience.

Your trip begins in Oregon, where you'll dip your wheels in the Pacific Ocean on a cool, misty beach. Then it's out toward deep forests and the wide-open plains, the Rocky Mountains, Chicago, and so much more!

You'll bike through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and along the Great Lakes to Niagara Falls. Then, follow the Erie Canal bike route across NY state to the Hudson River for a short 150 miles into NYC, ending the trip at Coney Island.  Along the way, you'll camp, hike, and swim, stop in picturesque town squares and ride past some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Across America’s northern route lets our bikers enjoy their summer travel experience, compared to (much, much hotter) southern cross-country routes. But don’t kid yourself -- you will bike close to 100 miles, some days, so you’ll need to be in good shape.

When you travel by bike, you get to know the world better.  You get the flavor of the culture in the small towns and rural areas, and you see cities differently, too.

America is full of quirky -- and kind of amazing! -- independent art, friendly small-town diners, and beautiful vista after beautiful vista.  See it all with us this summer!

Even George Washington wants to come -- we just need to find him a bike!

We're running two Across America trips this summer, for teens entering grades 10 and up:
  • June 25 - August 18
  • June 29 - August 22
Apply now to reserve your place on this one-of-a-kind experience!  Or sign up for one of our other super trips: New York City - Montreal, Pacific Northwest, California Coast, New England Shore, European Phantom, Maine Coast -- and more!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Monique Gallant

My name is Monique and I am originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. I don't have a dog sled, but I do play/coach ice hockey and I love tunneling in the snow. I first caught the biking bug when I did a program about climate activism and biking was our primary mode of transportation. My team and I biked all around Vermont for 7 weeks and I loved every hilly mile of it.  Last summer, I led the Across America trek, and it was spectacular! I got to experience everything from mountains of Montana, to the small rural towns of Iowa, to the big city of Chicago. These are memories that will last a lifetime! I love camping, hiking, and sports in general.  I can't wait to get out there again this summer and see the hidden wonders that come with taking the back roads of the world. I hope that you will join us!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Zari Haggenmiller

Zari!Hey hey HEY! I'm extremely excited for the best summer ever! I mean honestly- could it get any better than seeing a part of this amazing planet on a bicycle powered by your own body with a new group of friends? I didn't think so. My name is Zari (rhymes with sorry) and I am from the Pacific Northwest, although I am currently a resident of the great mitten state of Michigan. My most memorable biking and camping trip (so far!) was a few years ago from Kalamazoo College to Lake Michigan. I had my mind set on running down a sand dune and into the lake as soon as we got there, so the fact that it was chilly out made it an even more memorable experience- I never felt more alive! I am currently a tutor and mentor in a Detroit public school, with a program under AmeriCorps. I love helping students reach their fullest potential, it has been a really rewarding experience. I have also been attending adult bike mechanic classes, and I've really taken pride in everything I have been able to fix! In the past I have lead a variety of student programs, and I am excited to be able to combine the elements of travel and physical activity into the mix! In addition to what we will do doing this summer, I also really love playing soccer, climbing trees, drinking tea, reading books, baking all sorts of desserts, listening to music, and trying to get people to interpretive dance along with me! I'm really pumped to get to know you and I know we will have a blast if you don't mind the frequent bad pun.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Get in the mood for biking with Teen Treks wallpapers for your phone, tablet, or main computer!

We can't wait to get out on our bikes this spring! The freedom of travel, the wind in our faces, the sun on our backs -- get yourself psyched and show your love for biking with our new wallpapers:

New England sunset:

Monitor1600 x 1200 (4:3)Get it!
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iPad (optimized for landscape orientation)2048 x 1536Get it!
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High-res Android phones (HTC One, Sony Experia, Samsung galaxy, etc.)1080 x 1920Get it!
Budget Android phones (Motorola X, etc.)480 x 854Get it!

Sunny ride:

Monitor1600 x 1200 (4:3)Get it!
Monitor1280 x 1024 (5:4)Get it!
Widescreen monitor/tablet1920 x 1200Get it!
iPad (optimized for landscape orientation)2048 x 1536Get it!
iPad (optimized for portrait orientation)1536 x 2048Get it!
Android tablet (optimized for portrait orientation)1200x1900Get it!
iPhone 5638 x 1136Get it!
iPhone 4638 x 960Get it!
High-res Android phones (HTC One, Sony Experia, Samsung galaxy, etc.)1080 x 1920Get it!
Budget Android phones (Motorola X, etc.)480 x 854Get it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: David Suitts

I’m David, originally from Atlanta, GA and now living in Charlottesville, VA. I can’t wait for another summer with Teen Treks: biking is my preferred form of travel since you can cover so much ground, yet still take in the sights and sounds of the region where you are traveling. Last year, I had a blast biking from New York to Montreal with five awesome Trekkers.

Summer is my favorite season. Since I was in high school, I’ve been lucky enough to do something different each summer, from going to the World Cup in South Africa to raft guiding in Tennessee to mountaineering in Canada.

A benefit of my job as a high school teacher is that I can keep adventuring during the summer! After working at an international school in the Dominican Republic for two years, I relocated to central Virginia, where I’ve taken up kayaking, yoga, and mountain biking. This year, I'm building my own trekking bike up from scratch. (Wish me luck -- I'm going to need it!)

I love teaching in the classroom, but nothing beats the experiential learning and growth that comes from going on an adventure. I can’t wait to meet you and for our super-duper biking extravaganza to begin!