Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome back Trip Leader Katie!

Hey there Teen Trek adventurers!

My name is Katie and I am travelling all the way from south Texas to come hit the road with you this summer. This isn’t my first rendezvous with Teen Treks, I got to lead a trip back in 2011 with some awesome kids, and I still think about the times we collected mussels in the bay and cooked them over the fire later that evening, or the time we biked faster than ever to catch the last ferry of the night, or the delicious pizza we ate after a day full of monstrous hills. Bike trips like this are life changing adventures, and I can’t wait for the experiences we will have together this summer! A little about myself, I grew up in Texas near the river, and I am not ashamed to say that I consider jumping in the river an equal trade for a shower! I love being outside, if I could live in a tent for the rest of my life, I’d be content! Instead, I live in a tiny travel trailer on the river, right next to a bike trail wrapping all around the city! Just as much as I love being outside, I also love people. I’ve traveled to Spain, England, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda, Portugal, and all around the U.S. Embracing new cultures, meeting new people and learning about different ways of life is a passion of mine. I’ve been involved with peace and reconciliation work with youth in my travels, and continue to pursue my interest in a better future for humanity through sports initiatives, blog writing and podcasting. Learning from younger generations while imparting the wisdom I have gained is important to me, and there is no better way to do this than taking a trip together and seeing where the road takes us!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Welcome Trip Leader Yael!

Hi there Trekkers!

My name is Yael and I’m originally from New Jersey. I love to travel and have lived in many cities around America, including Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Danbury (CT) and, briefly, Anchorage. I’m currently a graduate student in Philadelphia studying psychology and working in research at a children's hospital. I love to test out new stir-fry recipes, run through Philly and volunteer at my local animal shelter (I recently fostered a playful Great Pyrenees-mix puppy named Andy). I've worked as a counselor in both overnight and day camps, and as an instructor in a farm-based school where I helped students take care of their favorite farm animals, like llamas, sheep, cows and even an emu. I was a trekker when I was younger and I had an amazing time on my trip, making close friendships and unforgettable memories. I’m so excited to join Teen Treks again this summer and help guide an incredible, safe and fun experience! I can’t wait to meet everyone, load up the bikes and hit the road on a new adventure!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Welcome Back Trip Leader David!

I’m David, originally from Atlanta, GA. I can’t wait for yet another summer with Teen Treks: biking is my preferred form of travel since you can cover so much ground, yet still take in the sights and sounds of the region where you are traveling. I had a blast biking from New York to Montreal and the Pacific Northwest Trek in past years!

Summer is my favorite season. Since I was in high school, I’ve been lucky enough to do something different each summer, from going to the World Cup in South Africa to raft guiding in Tennessee to mountaineering in Canada.

A benefit of my job as a high school teacher is that I can keep adventuring during the summer! After working at an international school in the Dominican Republic for two years, I relocated to central Virginia, where I took up kayaking, yoga, and mountain biking. I even built my own trekking bike up from scratch! For the past few years I've been living in Salt Lake City.

I love teaching in the classroom, but nothing beats the experiential learning and growth that comes from going on an adventure. I can’t wait to meet you and for our super-duper biking extravaganza to begin!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Welcome Back Trip Leader Aimee!

Hi, everyone!

My name is Aimee and I'm a band teacher for Delaware Academy in Delhi, NY. I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you and seeing the country over the next couple of months. I've gone camping all over western New York and Canada, and two years ago I led my first bike tour in Cape Cod. Last year was a biking marathon for me—I toured the Pacific Northwest, then the California Coast, and finally NY to Montreal! Other than biking, my favorite summer activities are swimming, playing my flute, reading outside, and playing with my bunny. During the school year I enjoy roller skating, cleaning (weird, I know), and daydreaming about future Teen Treks trips. This summer will be fun—see you soon!

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Adventurer Newsletter Vol. 18 No. 23

What do Teen Trek leaders do when they are not leading treks?

After an exciting summer of adventure with Teen Treks, Koby returned to Western Massachusetts for his second to last year studying art at Hampshire College. He's spent his time making music and movies, wandering the forest, and building snow forts, eagerly awaiting the heat so he can bike again.

-Koby, New England Shore Trek & Pacific Northwest Trek Leader 2017
Koby (top left corner) with the Pacific Northwest group at the top of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, WA.

Exploring beautiful Niagara, right in Teen Trek's backyard!

The Niagara - Toronto Trek is a wonderful trek for first time explorers! For the first three days the Trekkers explore historic Buffalo, NY and the world famous Niagara Falls. 

The day started out with an exciting ride on the Maid of the Mist boat, which takes visitors right to the foot of the Falls.  Everyone got a good sprinkling as we donned blue ponchos and sailed past the Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls.  After disembarking we cycled to Goat Island and saw the falls close up, this time from above.  A quick jaunt to the Three Sisters Islands and a ride over the rest of the islands followed.  After lunch we made our way to Whirlpool State Park along the Robert Moses Parkway bike path (in New York), a former highway converted for bike use.  At Whirlpool State Park we dismounted our trusty steeds and descended into the maw of the Niagara Gorge.  A shady hike ensued with lots of laughter and stops to dip our toes into the warm water.  The views were great; we were surrounded by panoramic views of the gorge, a few fisherman, huge slabs of rock and Canada.  After hiking up some less than desirable stairs and crossing back into Canada we cooked up a filling meal of pasta alfredo.  Another good day for Niagara-Toronto where the kids were so tuckered out that they feel asleep with the lights on.  Onward and upward! - Leader Keaton

New England Shore Trekkers Find Awesome Beaches & Lighthouses on Block Island 

Each summer, the New England Shore Trek takes two days to explore Block Island on their way from New York City to Boston. Last year, as always, this particular New England Shore group had an unforgettable experience delving into quintessential maritime Rhode Island during their stay on Block Island.

After some campfire songs last night we all were able to get a good night sleep. We rode to a beach called Moehegan Bluffs today, and had a great time body surfing the waves, lying in the sand and walking along the beach. In town we had an in-depth political discussion over fish and chips. Everyone was free to shop around a bit while Craig and Chadwick (Claire and Kobi) found a grill to cook dinner over. During that time Rex (Avi) and Peter (Andre) "parcoured" their way out of rocky peninsula. We had a nice bike ride down to the lighthouse, where we found a shack people had built from driftwood. We hung out and climbed around in it for a while and decided we would move there one day. Back at the Boy Scout Camp we roasted turkey breasts, veggies and pineapple over the fire. All in all an incredible day :)

Space Still Available on These Amazing Treks!    Trips are filling up fast!  Sign up NOW to get a spot on your preferred trip!  (all trips click here)

Pacific Northwest Trek
Biking north out of Seattle, this route follows the breathtaking views looking out over the Puget Sound through hip towns in Washington and up to vibrant Vancouver, Canada. You’ll take ferries to the San Juan Islands, a temperate archipelago that hosts communities of whales, great blue herons, and wild swans, and on to Victoria, BC, then return to Washington for 3 days camping out and exploring Olympic National Park - all before visiting historic Port Townsend and returning to Seattle for a day of urban exploration!
D & R Canal Trek
We've designed this trip special for our first time explorers! Join us to explore American history and picturesque cities on the D & R Canal Trail this summer! Stay away from busy roads and enjoy your ride on this six-day introduction to bicycle touring. You’ll visit great little towns in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Princeton (where you’ll get to tour the Princeton University campus), Easton, Trenton, and Bethlehem.
Teen Adventure Travel

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Welcome Trip Leader Russell!

Hey trekkers!

My name is Russell and I grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey. I’m super amped to get on the road with y’all this summer. Biking is, at least to me, the best way to explore and experience the outdoors, allowing you discover things you’d never even notice speeding along the highway in a car. My first bike trip was from Buffalo to Toronto in 2011, and I have gone on four more trips with Teen Treks since then. If it wasn’t apparent, I don’t think there are many better ways you can spend your summer than traveling with your friends by bike along the countryside. I am currently a sophomore studying Fashion Merchandising at the University of Delaware, and aside from biking, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, listening to music, playing with animals, and generally wandering around. In the past, I’ve coached kids at an Ultimate Frisbee camp, so look forward to some pickup games while we’re on the road! I can’t wait to get trekking this summer and make some new memories along the way.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Welcome Trip Leader Isabel!


I’m Isabel from Buffalo, NY. I am very excited to lead some treks this summer and get to know each and everyone one of you! I attend University at Buffalo and am studying Graphic Design and Environmental Studies. I love hiking and camping and I’m excited to do some exploring this summer! I have taken trips to Paris, Ireland and all over the western United States including Colorado and California. Biking is a great way to see the world and have a lot of fun. My hobbies include drawing, reading, biking and hanging out with my kitty. I can’t wait to get on the road and see some new places with new faces! Traveling is a great way to get to know people and have a lot of fun. Let’s gooo!

- Isabel

Friday, April 6, 2018

Welcome Back Trip Leader Molly!

Hallo friends!

I'm Molly and I'm not sure where I'm from, but these days I call Seattle home. I'm looking forward to having a couple of months of being itinerant this summer, and biking is my favorite way of doing that! It's the perfect pace to see the world - not so slow that you can't cover ground, but not so fast or insulated that you miss what you're passing. Plus, there's just something so friendly about bikes! I've travelled a lot, and lived a lot of places. Travels in the last couple of years have included Brazil, Thailand, Afghanistan, Canada, Germany and all over the US. I'm into biking (obviously), running, yoga, international humanitarian law (hence my stay in Afghanistan), and learning about anything and everything. I've been a leader with teen treks before, and have worked with teens as a resident assistant at a pre-college program, and in various training settings in the US Army. I can't wait to find out what surprises and challenges this self-powered journey will have in store for me and my fellow trekkers!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Welcome Back Trip Leader Alexa!

Bike bike bike! 

My name is Alexa and I'm from NYC but right now I live in Buffalo studying urban planning at the University at Buffalo. I'm a trip leader at our Outdoor Adventure Club and I love leading backpacking and hiking trips. I also work at a local bike shop in Buffalo's Elmwood Village. Last summer I led two Teen Treks trips - up Cape Cod and around Lake Ontario. I had a blast and I loved creating a family on wheels while adventuring! I had so much fun that I'll be a returning trip leader with Teen Treks this summer and I can't wait to hit the road. Fun fact: I'm really good at throwing grapes in the air and catching them in my mouth (without choking). I'm also really good at playing the ocarina. Let's hit the road!!!