Monday, July 9, 2018

Final Day in Seattle for the Pacific Northwest Trekkers

Today we woke up in Kitsap Memorial State Park and enjoyed a breakfast of Froot Loops before heading out on our last day of biking (also, happy birthday Lola!). We biked to catch a morning ferry back into Seattle. Once on the ferry, we enjoyed some snacks and saw Mt. Reinier, which had alluded us for most of the trip. The ferry, while short, was bittersweet as it meant we had finally come full circle. We peddled to FedEx where we disassembled our bikes, packed them in boxes and played with the extra cardboard. The cardboard tasted nice but we felt our bellies rumbling and ventured to get Mod Pizza (hopefully coming soon to a location near you). Feeling incomplete without our bikes, we returned to the hostel and took much needed showers. After a brief rest, we headed to the pier and explored various Seattle sights, like the Seattle Shoe Museum. We were treated to a view of the land we had just traveled through by way of ferris wheel, and then continued on to eat our final meal in a delicious Mexican dining establishment. We then retired to the hostel together for one last night on our trek. -Mmmm Veggie Boy (aka Felix)

We had an amazing trip with the trekkers and saw some unbelievable (and truly memorable) sights around the Puget Sound. Here is our 1 second-a-day video for all to enjoy! Signing off, Yael and Ben