Friday, April 26, 2019

Welcome Back Trip Leader Dan!

I'm Daniel and I'm excited to be leading with Teen Treks again this summer. I was a trekker back in the day, and ever since then I've been hooked on Teen Treks.  I live in Cowlesville (were there are indeed cows) near Buffalo NY.  I've traveled through the US and Canada some of which has been through Teen Treks.  I enjoy everything cycling - from cycling myself or just picking up a copy of Adventure Cycling magazine to read about others doing cycling.  I enjoy being outside, including working for a friend's organic vegetable farm, hiking and using my cell phone to photograph nature. I also enjoy cooking & baking but occasionally I take trips to try out the various farm to table restaurants in Western New York.  I led 6 Teen Treks trips before I started working full time and these days I try to get out and lead at least one trip each summer .  I'm looking forward to taking some time off from work to get out on my bicycle again this summer.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Welcome Back Trip Leader Yael!

Hi Trekkers!

My name is Yael and I’m originally from New Jersey. I love to travel around America and hope to eventually visit all 50 states (I'm at 36 right now!). I’m currently a graduate student studying school psychology and I work in research with preschoolers and their parents. I love to bake cookies for my friends and go hiking and bowling. I've worked as a counselor in overnight and day camps, and as an intern at a farm-based school where I helped students take care of their favorite farm animals, like llamas, sheep, cows and even an emu. I had an amazing time as a trekker on the NYC-Montreal trip when I was younger and I returned to Teen Treks to lead 2 awesome trips last summer. I’m excited to help guide an incredible, safe and fun experience this summer! I can’t wait to meet everyone, load up the bikes and hit the road on a new adventure!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Welcome Trip Leader Kyle!


My name is Kyle and I’m from River Vale, New Jersey. I’d say I’m a bike ride away from New York City, but I’ve learned biking distance can mean Canada with Teen Treks. I’ve been a camper with Teen Treks for the last 4 years, completing 5 treks including Across America, Pacific Northwest, and Lake Ontario. I can’t wait to be on the other side of things and get to experience being a Trip Leader. Outside of Teen Treks I have travelled around Scotland, as well as other cities in Europe, the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and Salt Lake City, Utah. When I’m not biking, I like to ski, rock climb, cook, camp, sing, and I even write my own stand-up comedy. I can’t wait for another awesome summer traveling with Teen Treks!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Welcome Back Trip Leader Katie!

There’s a journey between point A and point B often missed in a car. We throw our stuff in the passenger seat, hit the gas and quickly get to our planned destination without ever noticing the scenery, take in the smells or interact with the world around us. That’s what I absolutely love about bicycling. The journey. On a bike, you can have random conversations with pedestrians at stoplights, notice the frenzy of birds flying overhead and feel the morning chill quickly awaken tired eyes.

My name is Katie and this will be my third year leading for Teen Treks. Every year I meet some of the most hilarious, wonderful kids you’d ever find. I love watching their love for biking evolve, sharing warm meals together after a wild day, and finding cool swimming holes on the ride and jumping in no matter how cold. These trips fuel my adventurous spirit, and knowing I’ve gotten to have those experiences with some great kids gives me a lifetime of memories.

Though I wish my every-day life could be spent bike-touring, I try to keep life as adventurous as I can. I’m a program director for a community tennis association in San Antonio, Texas, where the weather stays warm enough to bike to work almost year around! I’m also a writer, covering topics on social equity, health issues and my favorite form of writing- telling stories about fascinating people I meet! I try to be outside pretty much any time I am not sleeping, so you might find me running local trails with my four-legged partner, swimming in the river, or creating my own weekend bike tours!

I’ve travelled to many countries, mostly to meet people and write stories, and lately, I’m finding there is so much more of America I’d like to see. The itch to explore strikes me almost daily, so I can’t wait to get on the road again, to meet another wonderful crew of teens and see where the journey leads us!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Welcome Trip Leader Amanda!


My name is Amanda. I was born in New York but will forever be a Florida girl. I moved to North Florida when I was three then to South Florida to attend FAU. There I studied Art Education and have been working with kids of all ages ever since. Currently I am a 6th grade math teacher and absolutely love my job. One of the many reasons I love my job are the opportunities I get to travel. I traveled and lived in Taiwan for 6-months teaching English as a second language. While I was there I got to travel to the Philippines, Hong Kong and many different parts of Taiwan.

I knew I wanted leave town for part of my summer break and my first thought was to be a camp counselor somewhere in the mountains. Though, a Florida girl I love the mountains. My family had a vacation home upstate New York where we spent the winters and summer, skiing and hiking. In my search for a camp consoling job I stumbled upon Teen Treks and was eager to apply. I thrive on physical activity and I am super eager to lead this summer!

In my spare time I like to use my creative side by making eco-friendly household materials, paintings, jewelry, and anything else I can come up with. I also enjoy being active very much, especially outdoors. I love to go on long runs down the beach, snorkel, paddle-board, and casually ride my bike.

I’m looking forward to an amazing and adventurous summer!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Welcome Back Trip Leader Elliott!

Hello trekkers!  My name is Elliott and I am from Buffalo, New York.  I’m very excited to have this opportunity to get out on the open road with you all, clear our minds, and see all the sites our route has to offer.  I have traveled quite a bit, not only in the United States but internationally as well.  My family is very spread out throughout the states which provide me with great opportunities for adventure when I get to visit them.  Additionally, I’ve traveled to many of the Latin American countries for service trips through my college and a handful of European countries for backpacking adventures.  My hobbies include biking (obviously), hiking, camping, backpacking, and in the winter months, snowboarding.  Throughout college I’ve led numerous hiking and backpacking trips to both the Adirondacks and Catskills with fellow students. I look forward to our adventures together and the ability for us to detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  This can be done so easily by putting down our phones and experiencing the world around us.  This is my second year as a Teen Treks Leader and couldn’t be more excited to do it all over again!  See you all soon!!