Thursday, July 19, 2018

The European Grand Tour Trekkers Last Day Biking the Netherlands

Today, we awoke from our camping spot by the ocean and packed up quickly. We ate our breakfast on the beach, and then slowly made our way into the water and relaxed. There were a LOT of dogs that passed by, and many of them came up to say hi. We also saw a very naked old man walking his dog past us. It was quite the surprise to see at 8:30 in the morning. Then we set off at a lazy pace down the coast until we got to the MC Escher Palace Museum in The Hague. The artwork was super cool and their cafe coffee was ridiculously strong. After that we stopped at the beach once more, watching David and Andy have a mini race swimming across a pool of water and then running back. The rest of the way to the ferry was relaxed and scenic, so we took it slowly. Once we got on the ferry, we realized how nice it was. 10/10 showers in our room.
-written by Trekker Henry