Friday, June 30, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Find Vancouver Awesome!

Today began with a 12 mile ride to catch a bus into Vancouver. We were all super excited to reach Canada. When we got to Vancouver and reassembled the bikes, we sat down for a delicious lunch in a park with views of the distant sky scrapers. Koby rejoined us after taking care of Harlan after his spill the day before. We were glad to be reunited. We biked through the futuristic city to Samesun Hostel. After relaxing in our room for a bit, we ended our night by going out for some delicious Chinese food.
written by Trekker Nadia

Beautiful Scenery Surround Across America Trekkers as they Cross Idaho

The Across America Trekers logged 50 miles today. They traveled along Route 12 in Idaho with steep sweeping mountains to their right and the beautiful Clearwater River to their left the whole way.  The Trekers are looking forward to logging a good chunk of mileage tomorrow as they make their way to Missoula over the next few days.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Across America Trek Enters Idaho

Today the Trekkers on Across America said goodbye to Washington and Hello to Idaho! They woke up on a beautiful farm property and started the day early, stopping for a lunch break in the little town of Pomeroy, Washington. They got to their hotel in Lewiston, Idaho around 4:30 and went out for pizza to celebrate their arrival in a new state.

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Almost Reach Bellingham, WA

Today as we were leaving Burlington, WA, Harlan took a spill. While nonchalantly looking back, he ran into a pole and cut his leg, requiring stitches. We took him to the ER and he quickly regained his spirits. We then left Harlan to the friendly hospital staff and went to a bike shop. After some much needed repairs we returned to the pizza place that we enjoyed so much yesterday. Biking at a stellar pace, we proceeded to the campground and biked up a stunning mountain. We ate delicious burgers, hand-formed and cooked by Aaron and Jonah, and debriefed before having s'mores and a sing-along by the fire. Besides Harlan's forces hiatus it was a successful day. 
~Written by Trekker Jonah

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Biking Beautiful Northwest Washington Coast

Tuesday we woke up early to make an 11:30 ferry, or so we thought. Koby had told us it was at 11:30 when it was really at 12:30. Ironically, we had all suggested during the morning's ride that Koby employ this strategy in the future. We rode the ferry leaving Orcus Island and crossed islands on a bridge treating us to views of a wetland on one side and factories on the other. We are at a pizza chain that economically really needs to spread into more major areas, and was frankly delicious. We biked around looking for a feasible campground because the planned state park was up a mountain and it was getting a bit late to summit the peak. We ended up at a quaint motel and spent the night, after biking five miles that took us right back to the motel near the pizza place.
~Written by Trekker Jonah

Across America Trekkers Getting into the Biking Groove

Today the trekers biked to Dayton, Washington where they are camping on a farm under a sky full of stars. They logged about seventy miles today, stopping for a lunch break in the quaint town of Walla Walla Washington, famous for its sweet onions. They're getting into groove of early bedtimes and early wake ups, looking to bike into Lewiston, Idaho tomorrow!

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Day Off on Orcus Island

Monday was not only our first opportunity to kick our feet onto the metaphorical coffee table, but our first chance to scrub out our reeking apparel. Concentrated camping soap and lake water has made me miss loading the washing machine. On another note,  it was a treat to eat a hearty breakfast of dry Cheerios at 11 AM rather than 6.  Over the course of Sunday, we splurged a bit on group canoeing— we had a fantastic time gliding over the tranquil waters at Moran State Park.  Great conversations, group bonding, and ice cream ensued.  Personally, I went with raspberry ripple. No regrets. Soon after, our group split up. Nadia, Harlan and Aimee bravely ventured out to the other side of a daunting mountain. Meanwhile,  Koby, Cole, Mike, Jonah, and myself went on an intense trek to Sunrise Rock.  Mountain baseball was played with a log and pinecones. Unfortunately, nobody managed to hit one into the lake. By the time we returned Harlan, Nadia and Aimee were nowhere to be seen. We assumed that they were food shopping miles away from our campsite.  To our surprise, they returned it only minutes later, bearing a $16 monster of a rice crispy treat, which the nine of us decimated within minutes.  I nearly forgot to mention that they snatched a horde of s'mores supplies. Good times.
~Written by Trekker Aaron 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Across America Trekkers Bid Farewell to Oregon

Today the trekers got off to an early start, leaving their campsite in Crowe Butte State Park and heading east along Route 14. After crossing back and forth over the Colorado River from Oregon to Washington and back a few times over the last few days, the Trekkers finally bid a final goodbye to Oregon. They're looking to have another early start tomorrow and are looking forward to the cooler weather, as the heat wave was broken up today by a rainstorm.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trek Rides Beautiful San Juan Islands

Today we rode 28 miles. Our morning started with amazing views of the ocean and cliffs from a bridge. We caught an hour 15 minute ferry to Orcas Island with gorgeous views. We rode 8 miles through mountainous terrain into the main town where we got some much needed ice cream and groceries. We rode a steep hill into camp. With night came a delicious dinner of chicken, guacamole, rice, and vegetables. We enjoyed a sunset over Cascade Lake - right next to our campsite! Before bed we played Mafia around the fire.
Written by Trekker Nadia

Pacific Northwest Trekkers on the Islands of the Puget Sound

Today was a long one. We biked 50 miles in harsh wind up the entire length of pristine Whidbey Island. Roads wound up and down, intense slopes with breath taking views of the surrounding alp-like mountains through lush green fields. We stopped at a sparkling beach to dip our feet and admire the scenery before pushing on into the sunset to Deception Pass State Park. The park lake was pink with the the setting sun. We climbed one last big hill before getting into our secluded moss lined biker sites and eating a delicious stirfry.

Across America Trekkers Enduring Heat Wave

The Trekkers took their time today as they biked through the last day of a heat wave, logging about 55 miles. They ended their day in Crowe Butte State Campground where they cooked mac and cheese and got right to bed for an early wake up and a big ride tomorrow when the heat breaks.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Heat Wave is Slowing the Across America Bikers

Tonight the TeenTrekkers ended their day along the Colorado River in Biggs, Oregon. What a hot day it was! Everyone stayed hydrated and we found a great swimming spot to cool down with a rock to jump from and a beautiful view. We're looking forward to an early ride tomorrow to beat the heat as we move out of this heat wave.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Across America Trekkers Cross into Washington

Today the Teen Trekers on Across America woke up in the beautiful city of Portland and got right on the road. Following historic route 30 along the Colorado River, they made their way east, tackling both flats and hills. On their route, they stopped at a few of Oregon's beautiful famous waterfalls and enjoyed some soft serve. To finish off the day, the trekers crossed the Bridge of the Gods into Washington state and found a spot to camp and cook dinner.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers in Seattle

Today we started off by making sure our bikes were in tip-top shape. We ran into a few problems, but managed to fix them with the help of our trip leaders and the mechanic Jack at REI. We asked the locals where to eat and got some teriyaki nourishment at a little Asian deli. Later, we explored the city and wound up at the Olympic Sculpture Park, then the Myrtle Edwards Park. We enjoyed the beach there and tried unsuccessfully to take a photo of everyone jumping. It'll take some practice. There were some great views of the Space Needle, Elliott Bay, and Mt. Rainier. For dinner the food committee provided fajitas, strawberries, and ice cream, which we consumed while discussing the day and our plans for tomorrow. We're excited to head into the wilderness!

Across America Trek Rides 70 Mile Day

After waking up in Westport, OR bright and early this morning, the Across America Trekkers cycled 70 miles today, arriving in Portland! We stopped for lunch in the park along the way, and once we arrived in Portland, we enjoyed some delicious street food together and finished the day off with a stop at the famous Portland doughnut shop, Voo Doo Doughnuts. Yum!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Across America Trekkers Are On The Road

Across America Trekkers dipping their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean
Across America Trekkers enjoyed their first evening at the Seaside International Hostel in Seaside, OR. This morning they made pancakes and eggs complimentary of the hostel. After assembling their bikes they dipped their wheels in the Pacific Ocean and they began their ride up the beautiful coastline through Astoria, Oregon and east, completing their first 50 miles of their 3,600+ mile, 8 week adventure ending at Coney Island in New York City.

Pre-Night for the Pacific Northwest Trek - Seattle, WA

The Pacific Northwest team met up with most of the group in Seattle today. The gang flew in, built bicycles, and enjoyed a park near the hostel. After playing "Two truths and a lie" and taking a photo with Mt. Rainier, the food committee made a delicious pasta and sausage dinner. Sightseeing in Seattle tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Across America Trek --- Day One (55 more to go)

The Across America Trek began a 56 day adventure of 3,600+ miles, riding from Seaside, OR to Coney Island, NYC.  The excited Trekkers met at Portland International Airport and took a bus to Seaside, OR, 65 miles to the west so that they can start from the Pacific Coast and ride to the Atlantic Coast.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Across America Trek Trip Leaders Begin Their Adventure West (by public transporation)

Liza & Matthew hop a bus to the Buffalo Airport to fly to Portland where they will meet their Trekkers

Welcome New Trip Leader: SARA

Hey Trekkers! My name is Sara, I’m a Chicago-native, and I’m super jazzed to bike and explore with Teen Treks. Biking, for me, has always been both meditative and thrilling. I really can’t wait to experience the upcoming adventures this summer and get to know our creative Trekkers. I’m really grateful that I have had the opportunities to study abroad in Ecuador for a semester, and visit England, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and South Africa. Other than biking and travel, I’m passionate about cooking, being outdoors, loving communities, social justice, environmental sustainability, beekeeping, foraging, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, and doodling. I’ve worked at a craft-workshop in Chicago coordinating environmentally conscious art and play activities and as a Resident Assistant helping build strong communities and friendships. I’m thrilled to hit the road and have all the silly and amazing experiences with you!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Welcome New Trip Leader - MATT

Hi there!  
You can call me Matt  ^_^
You’re probably wondering where I’m from: mainly Virginia, Taiwan, and Boston!
So, why did I decide to lead for Teen Treks?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Maybe it’s because I suffer from chronic wanderlust and Fernweh, which has led me to travel across the world.  Maybe I was inspired by the legendary journeys of Laura Dekker and Tom Allen (Maidentrip, Janapar), or by Santiago’s quest for his personal legend (The Alchemist).  Perhaps the choice is a return to my roots working as a camp counselor, ropes course leader, and teacher.  One thing is certain – I’m pumped to be joining some awesome trekkers for one amazing adventure!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Welcome New Trip Leader - ALLISON

Hello! My name is Allison and I am from Buffalo, NY. I have been participating in bike tours in Buffalo for the past 4 years, working with a group called Go Bike. I also work in Buffalo as a bike mechanic. I have ridden my bike through every season, blizzards, monsoon like rain conditions, and sunshine.  I am prepared for anything this summer on our trip together! I frequently bike to Canada in the summer and the only thing I am afraid of are the spiders on the Peace Bridge! I have also traveled to Japan and all over the United States. I am excited to meet and learn about you throughout our journey this summer!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Welcome New Trek Leader - CLAIRE

My name is Claire and I've been kicking it in Kingston, Ontario for the past five years. I am wheelie (I’m so sorry) jazzed to be travelling at the speed of bike with all of you! I love the extra opportunities bike speed provides, be it some wild life or a friendly stranger conversation about ‘how crazy what we’re doing is!’. Last summer I bought a bike in Seattle and rode it along the ocean to San Francisco. It was my first trek and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve done most of my travelling in Western and Northwestern Canada, where I plant trees in the summer. The expansive wilderness and down to earth culture really keeps me coming back. My hobbies include keyboards, guitar, drums, dance, writing, snowboarding and wait for it… biking! My work experience with teens comes from teaching dance, so if that’s something you’re into then I look forward to some random dance parties. Can’t wait to meet everyone, and collectively feel that special rush of reaching our first destination! Pedal on.