Sunday, July 29, 2018

Inside & Outside Niagara Falls for the Niagara-Toronto Trekkers

Today we saw Niagara Falls from the top, bottom, inside, outside, close up and far away. Shout out to Maid of the Mist for giving us an up close and personal experience with the world's largest Horseshoe (aka the Niagara side of the Falls). With cool new ponchos in hand, we then ventured to Goat Island before heading north for a hike down to Devils Hole. With Jessie and Austin in the lead, we scrambled down stairs and over rocks, and relaxed on the side of the trail next to the Niagara River. After our hike, we crossed back into Canada to cook a scrumptious dinner in the hostel. Ryan and Dylan led the cooking crew with enough grilled cheese, hamburgers and salad for days. We're excited to continue our adventure towards Toronto tomorrow!