Sunday, December 24, 2017

Season's Greetings from the Teen Treks team 🚲 ⛺ 🎄 🎁 🎅

For this holiday season, the Trip Leaders and Support Staff at Teen Treks simply want to express our gratitude towards you for biking with us this past summer.

The Holiday Season is a great time to reminisce on all the fun times we had together.

We wish you and your loved ones a festive holiday season!

Happy Holidays,
The Teen Treks Team

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Another Fantastic Teen Treks Summer Has Come and Gone!

Another fantastic Teen Treks summer has come and gone! This summer we bicycled together up and down hills, along scenic seaside bicycle paths, through pastoral valleys, along old rail lines re-purposed as tree lined bicycle paths, and on roads next to pastures of sun bathing cows - all the while reveling in the spontaneity of adventure travel.

Along the way we explored new places,

we made new friends,

we reached new heights,

we turned each other's worlds upside down,

we got tied up in unexpected adventures,

we explored our silly sides while doing laundry,

we found creative uses for fruit,

 and we had some uniquely memorable slumber parties --

needless to say we had many eye popping experiences!

all the while becoming closer with one another.

We also learned about local history, visited art museums, ate ice cream to cool down on those unbearably hot and humid summer days, visited alpaca farms, explored national and state parks, wandered through country antique stores, visited iconic big city landmarks, and relaxed on beautiful beaches from Cape Cod, Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario to the Puget Sound, Oregon coast, and California's Big Sur. From our seasoned Trekkers completing their Across America Trek from Oregon to Coney Island in New York City to our first time trekkers biking from Buffalo to Toronto and on Cape Cod - we all had a truly unforgettable summer. Not all kids can say they've accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, but our Trekkers sure can!

Keep an eye out for our trip schedule for summer 2018 to help you plan out next summer's adventure! See you then!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Blog Entry From NY-Montreal Trek

On our last day in Montreal
We ate omelette and pancake mix
Then toured the biodome, it wasn't small
Wetland, arctic, ocean, tropics.

After lunch, we reused the tickets
And walked to the insectarium nearby
They sold snacks like ice cream with crickets
The inside was colored with butterflies.

There was more free stuff to be see
We saw a gallery of bonsai in the park
We packed our bikes and rode carefree
Then crammed them into boxes in the dark.

As the bus rumbles, I see with tired eyes
The rode I rode, but never alone
We all made friends, to summarize
And now we scatter and go home.

-Written by Trekker Soeren

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Great Sites and Food in Monteal for the NY-Montreal Trekkers

Today, the New York to Montreal Trekkers enjoyed exploring more of the city. They began their day with breakfast at the hostel, then set out to Schwartz's Deli, for some extra breakfast. After filling up on delicious smoked pastrami, they ascended Mount Royal on bicycles, to get a beautiful view of Montreal. The climb and the ride back down made everybody very hungry, so after, the group rode to Jean Talon Market, where they got lunch and explored the many vendors selling authentic ethnic cuisine. After lunch, the Trekkers rode back to the waterfront, where they had some free time to explore Old Montreal. To finish the day, they went ziplining! We discovered it was free spagetti night once we returned to the hostel, so for dessert Soeren and Jared made an awesome chocolate souflet! It was a great ending to the last full day of the trip. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NY-Montreal Trekkers Reach Montreal!

This morning we woke up in Napierville and headed out to a Tim Hortons for a great Canadian breakfast of donuts. Right after we finished, we got caught in an enormous rainstorm that lashed at us for a few miles until we hit the Quebecois farmland. After 15 miles, we could see Montreal and Mont Royal on the skyline. A few miles later, we crossed a drawbridge over the Richeliu River and headed out onto an eight mile causeway into Parc Jean Garneau, where the Montreal Exposition 67 occurred 50 years ago. We explored the BioDome, an extremely cool environmental and climate museum before crossing the St. Lawrence into Montreal. We got to our very nice hostel and hit up an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. We explored Montreal a bit and enjoyed the rooftop hot tub to end the day. Excited to explore tomorrow... and go on the hipline.
Written by Trekker Charlie
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ACROSS AMERICA Trekkers and Families Celebrate at Coney Island

NY-Montreal Trekkers Cross Into Quebec

Today we crossed the border from Vermont to Canada—it was pretty easy. There was no hassle and no waiting. After we crossed the border we rode for two hours passing by beautiful but smelly farmlands. We finally arrived at a campground with nice bathrooms and a gigantic slide and pool. We also had poutine, which is some french fries with a whole lotta cheese curds and gravy. Everybody speaks French here and it's a little unsettling as we aren't too far  from the border. Good thing our friend Soeren speaks French and translated for us. We ended the night with some table tennis and marshmallows over the fire. 

Monday, August 14, 2017


Today the Teen Trekkers biked into New York City! The group started on the Pacific Coast of Oregon just 8 weeks ago. Today they woke up to a delicious breakfast provided by the Rifkin family, which fueled them to get into the city via the George Washington Bridge. They had lunch at a taqueria, and had cookies for dessert from Schmackary's. They went to an off-Broadway musical called Avenue Q, and to finish off the night they went to Black Tap, home of New York's best burger and famous milkshakes! Next stop: Coney Island.

A Beautiful Day on Lake Champlain for NY-Montreal Trekkers

This morning we woke up on the north shore campsite outside of Burlington. It was a late morning where we could sleep in because we had a very short day. After a cereal breakfast, we biked back to Burlington and went to the ECHO Champlain Museum. When we were finished, we got a sandwich lunch and started onto the road. Almost all of today's riding was on the gorgeous Burlington Bike Park system. After a few miles on the shore of Champlain, the bike path continues on an old railroad causeway far out into Champlain. It was easily one of the most beautiful rides on the trip. Right before the causeway reaches South Hero Island in the middle of Champlain, the causeway breaks off in a channel so boats can pass through. We hopped on a quick bike ferry to the other side of the causeway. The rest of the biking of the day was spent riding across South Hero and Grand Isle, until we reached Grand Isle State Park. Some of us took a dip in Champlain and then we ate chicken grilled cheeses to wrap off an easy 20 mile day. We finished with bad cookies and a game of mafia. Tomorrow's Quebec!!!!!
~Written by Trekker Charlie

Sunday, August 13, 2017

99 Mile Day for Across America Trekkers

Today was the trekkers last long day of mileage. They traveled 99 miles from Callicoon, NY to Westwood, NJ, where Kyle's family made them an awesome home cooked meal and provided them with couches and beds for sleeping (thank you!!). Only a few days left until they reach the coast!

NY-Montreal Trekkers Enjoy Burlington,VT

Today took us from DAR campsite to the city of Burlington, where we spent the majority of our day. After walking around an open market and eating lunch in the park, we looked at shops until coming to a Ben & Jerry's, where we attempted to finish a Vermonster (20  scoops of ice cream with as many toppings as we want).  It came down to Jared, who bravely drank the remaining liquid ice cream left in the bucket. We finally arrived at our campsite in North Beach, where we stayed for the rest of the day.  Some of us took a ride to the grocery store to pick up supplies for an artisan salad and pesto orzo, and the rest did laundry at the campground. Charlie got some free firewood from the office so we made a campfire and ended the evening with a game of mafia.
~Written by Trekker Brendan

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Across America Trekkers Closing In On NYC

Today the Across America Trekkers started in Harpursville, NY and made their way along Route 17. They were keeping a good pace despite the hills, but unfortunately they were caught in a heavy rain storm that started at 7 and continued through the night. Instead of biking in the rain, they stopped early for a hot meal and stayed the night at The Western Inn in Callicoon, NY. They plan to do a century tomorrow to make up for the day's lost miles.

NY-Montreal Trekkers Bike Through Vermont

 As we entered DAR State Park today, we all felt quite accomplished as we finished our 55 mile day into Vermont. We were happy to leave our mosquito-infested campsite this morning, and took off as soon as possible. Today was by far the hardest yet, especially as we climbed the Graphite Mountain for 5 miles. Despite our tough day, we're glad we persisted and got to see Lake George and Lake Champlain. We admired the view from the Champlain Bridge and straddled the border between New York and Vermont. Dinner—"pasta from the sky" and oreos—was extremely satisfying. We can't wait to explore Burlington tomorrow. 
~Written by Trekker Blake

Friday, August 11, 2017

NYC is So Close for Across America Trekkers

The Across America Trekkers had about a 60 mile ride. They left Ithaca mid-morning and ended the day in Harpursville, NY. In between, they stopped to explore an abandoned school. After dinner they had an ice cream treat:) Getting closer...

NY-Montreal Trekkers Enjoy Lake George

Today was a short ride spread throughout the day. We spent 3 hours at Lake George devouring ice cream and stand up paddle boarding. After our time at the lake we had a short 10-mile ride to our campsite which will put us ahead for our 50-mile ride tomorrow to Vermont. The campsite is very nice and we're all looking forward to a good night's sleep.
Written by Trekker Jared

Thursday, August 10, 2017

NY-Montreal Trekkers Bike Through Saratoga Region

Today we left Albany. We biked on a bike path along the Hudson for 5 miles, then went on to route 9. We stopped at a Price Chopper for lunch. After lunch we continued through a town on Saratoga Lake. We stopped on the bridge to eat ice cream, and to go bridge jumping into the lake. We ate ramen stir fry for dinner at our campsite, then went to see the sunset on the lake, and had s'mores for dessert. 
~Written by Trekker Hazel

Finger Lakes And Cornell Were Days Highlights for Across America Trekkers

The Teen Trekkers continued their journey across the state of New York today, traveling a total of 85 miles from Avon to Ithaca. The group stopped midday for a China Buffet before traveling south along Cayuga Lake and landing at the day's destination. They camped outside of a Cornell co-op right on campus, and ate a meal from Cornell student's favorite street food restaurant.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Across America Trekkers Take on New York State

Today the Trekkers slept in in Buffalo, where they woke up to fresh local bagels and fruit. After a mid-morning stop at the Buffalo bike shop, they got on the road for a 60 mile day, ending at a hotel in Avon, NY.

NY-Montreal Trekkers 2nd Day in Albany

Today was Trip Leader Aimee's magnificent birthday.  We started off sleeping in until 8:00 a.m.  After a great buffet breakfast at the Holiday Inn we set off to see the New York State Museum. After exploring the museum for 2 and a 1/2 hours We had a delicious Indian buffet lunch. We then relaxed at the hotel and met our new Trip Leader Jonah. For dinner we went out for a great Italian dinner to celebrate Aimee's birthday. We then went to Washington Park Playhouse to watch the Music Man under the stars. While we enjoyed the luxuries of a hotel for 2 nights we're excited to bike out of Albany tomorrow and make our way to Montreal.
Written by Trekker Blake

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Century Ride For the Across America Trekkers

Today the Teen Trekkers completed the trip's first century! For many of the trekers this was their first hundred mile day ever. Woo hoo! They met up with Cliff's son, Tyler, in Buffalo in the evening at the community bike ride that happened to be going on, and they went back to Cliff's house where they had dinner and camped in the yard.