Friday, January 18, 2019

European Grand Tour & Blizzard Sale - The Adventurer Vol. 19 No. 1

European Grand Tour Trekkers Highlight Their Awesome Adventure!

What is the absolutely best way to experience Europe? By Bicycle! Last summer the European Grand Tour spent an incredible month bicycling and visiting the very best of Europe ... 

Our last day! We spent our time in Regents Park and Hyde Park, then biked around the city on London’s “cycle superhighway.” We talked about highlights of our trip and what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other.

Zoe: This being my first time in Europe, I loved exploring all the new places. Seeing how bike friendly the Netherlands is, the beautiful countryside of England, and the cities of Paris, Ghent, and Brugge was so incredible. It was also amazing to be able to interact with local people and other travelers. I’m so happy to have biked this tour and seen and done all that I did.

Henry: Belgium and Netherlands were by far my favorite countries. The bike friendliness, the amazing cities, and beautiful scenery made it an unforgettable experience. One particular day I loved was phantoming in the Netherlands by the ocean, and waking up and having breakfast on the beach. Also all the dogs!

Andy: I loved all four countries we went to. The highlight of England was watching the musical: A Comedy of a Bank Robbery, which had me laughing my butt off the whole time. My favorite part of France was climbing the Eiffel Tower and looking out over the city. The best moment in Belgium was watching the World Cup game in the town square. Although Belgium did not win, the atmosphere was still very cool. Last but certainly not least, I loved Holland for its friendly bike lanes and riding along the beach and phantom camping in the sandy dunes.

Aimee: I love the Netherlands!!! I expected the awesome bike lanes to end when we left Amsterdam, but we had them all the way to the ferry. I would like to go back and bike across the country someday. The culture isn’t all that different from ours, but it’s an adventure to get around a country where you don’t speak the language. My favorite place to stay was actually in England, though, when we slept at a spacious hostel with its own gardens and farm. “Rabbit Village” won me over in about two seconds.

David: Hearing French every day was a highlight for me, and, of all the places we visited, I would most wish to return to Paris. The bike lanes of the Netherlands were incredible — as were the art museums. The cobblestone streets of Ghent and Bruges in Belgium were wonderful to wander and get lost in, and beginning and ending the trek in England was special because the growth of the group was evident, whether asking strangers for directions, navigating without a GPS, or making collaborative decisions.

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