Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hurricane Ridge Accomplished by Pacific Northwest Trekkers

Oh man, today was the day that all of the other trekkers (minus Otto) were fearing. It was finally time to climb Hurricane Ridge- the excutiatingly painful past day-and-a -half slog up to the peak of the mountain located about 5,242 feet up.

I, along with my great friends, were dying, but the promise of a nice rest , Ice cream and a ride downhill kept us motivated to continue onwards.

We finally reached the peak and the views beauty was multiplied infinitely after putting in the hard work to get to the snow capped mountains surrounded our group as we snacked on ice cream and hung out

It was finally time to descend the mountain, thirty minutes of total bliss made the whole trip worth it.

Now getting ready for bed I reflect on today and realize that the ride was not only worth it for the ride down but also for the amazing friends who accompanied me along the way.

Written by Trekker Spencer