Friday, July 6, 2018

Beautiful Lake Champlain is the Scenery for the NY-Montreal Trekkers

After yesterdays Vermonster, we all slept like logs. Our leaders gave us an extra half hour of sleep, and after a quick breakfast, and a slight mishap with a missing frying pan, we were on the road! We stopped at a Hannafords to pick up food for the day. I love Hannafords because they put out free cookies. I guess I look like I'm 11 because the sign says they are for kids under 12, and they havent stopped me yet. The best part of our ride was along a 3 mile causeway over Lake Champlaign. It was originally built for trains, but converted for bikes. Trek leader Russel had a nasty zoinker into some bushes on the causeway and narrowly avoided some very wet panniers (and himself) but he was fortunately ok. We stopped at a farm with a picnic area. We petted goats, horses, chickens, and a sheep named Romeo. We also got maple creemees, a soft serve ice cream. we also took our second ferry of the day back into New York State. After a dinner of franks and beans we were caught in an unexpected storm. For 10 minutes we felt like the tents were going to blow away, with us in them! As much as the wind tried to yeet us, we yoinked back as the winds zoinked us. (we stayed firmly planted.) After the wind died Kyle took some rope and lashed his tent to a fence, ready for round 2 should the storm return and then we hung around the campfire which somehow survived the wind and rain.
-Trekker Dylan