Sunday, July 8, 2018

Versailles and Paris Made For a Good Day for the European Grand Tour Trekkers

Today, I woke up in a good mood, as we only had 10 miles to bike, and we were going to Paris today. We got a baguette at the store and some jam and fresh fruit at a farmers market. We entered the back of the Palace of Versailles and biked around the enormous gardens and forests. After I finished my book next to the Grand Canal, we left the free parts of the property to get lunch. We left David to stay in line, which was wrapping around the entrance at this point. We quickly ate some sandwiches and returned to the palace, where we waited in the long line before touring the magnificent palace. Afterwards we began our short ride to Paris. When we got on a bike line next the the Seine, the Eiffel Tower suddenly appeared in the distance. As we rode closer to it, the feeling of being in Paris finally set in. For dinner, we ate baguettes again, topped with various things like cheese, cucumbers, jam, butter, hummus and pesto. The French people in the bar stared at us like we were animals in a zoo exhibit as we each tore into our own baguettes. Finally, Henry, David and I watched the Russia vs. Croatia game down in the bar to end our first day in Paris.