Saturday, July 7, 2018

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Winding Down Along the Olympic Peninsula

This morning we feasted upon bean, salsa and mac n cheese quesadillas and promptly departed from Fort Townsend State Park. We made a stop for organic vegetables, along with ripe fruits and lemonade.
 After devouring the latter, we trekked the rest of our course and enjoyed the hilly farmland until we reached Route 104. We stopped for a PB&J lunch at the Olympic Peninsula visitors center and learned about indigenous cultures. After departing, we finished our ride to the campsite over the hood canal floating bridge. Upon reaching the site, we happened upon a stray dog who almost ran into the highway, yet we did our best to aide this fellow in his safe passage home. After a long and relaxing crab catching at the beach, we cooked a vegetarian stir fry and gazed into the last campfire of the trip. Before bed, our minds gently drifted to our last voyage that would take us back to the beginning: Seattle.
Teen Trek's Loyal Stooge, "Private Petey" Peter Arrivello. ARRRRG!