Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An Eiffel Tower Day for the European Grand Tour Trekkers

Today we saw the most crucial site in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. We spent a good three hours walking up the 704 steps and enjoying the view. Then we were off at lunch where we had a picnic by the river next to the Effiel Tower. Afterwards, we biked over to Montmartre to wander around and look over Paris from the hilltop. On the way we found the weirdest self-cleaning toilets (which Aimee said looked like they should be on spaceships). After a peaceful day of biking, we did our laundry and hung it all over our room to let it dry. We went to a French restaurant for dinner and walked back to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lit up. Although we are sad to leave Paris, everyone is excited to go on to Belgium.
Max - have fun at camp and kiss the moose for me