Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kicking of 2013

Teen Treks is Gearing up for our 2013 Season!
Welcome to all of our Trekkers joining us on this year’s adventures.

And for those who are thinking about a Trek, but holding off, please know that 2013 trips are filling up faster than previous years.  This year is shaping up to be a full one, so please, sign up now and avoid the disappointment of the dreaded “SOLD OUT” label on that trip you were eying up.
Please visit our Trips Tables for up to date information.

Teen Treks has some news to share with you all:
New Teen Treks Staff
Our veteran Trekkers probably remember Ben, spent two years as the Program Coordinator.  Ben has parted with Teen Treks so that he could pursue something exciting, frightening and tiring (but with far less biking): His MBA!  Go Ben!

Taking his desk and title is Alexa, who joins Teen Treks after spending a few years living in England and completing her master’s in management (University of Manchester/Manchester Business School), and working at an international art festival.  You will most likely be speaking with her as you prepare for your Trek.
And for all of you wondering about Trip Leaders: we are in the hiring process at this very moment.  We have a number of returning Leaders, as well as some great new leaders who have experience with youth as Fulbright Scholars, AmeriCorps members, teachers, camp counselors and are all around outdoor lovers!   Leader bios will be posted soon on this blog and on our Facebook page. 

Brand Spankin’ New Trips for This Summer
Yep, we have two new trips!  One in Europe: Amsterdam-Paris and one in America’s North East: D&R Canal.  Here are the details:


Paris, the city of light, love, culture and food.
Do you dream about waffles and croissants in the lunch line?  Do you wish you had Marie Antoinette's indulgent wardrobe when you learn about the French Revolution?  Is your ideal wood shop project making a pair of wooden clogs?  Do you want to see the classic art that inspires your art projects?  Want to practice your French, or dare to learn Flemish or Dutch?

French pastries, from my own travels to Paris!
Our Amsterdam-Paris Trek travels the most bike-friendly part of the world, and starts in the world’s most bike friendly city, good old Amsterdam (http://tinyurl.com/amsterdambikefriendly).  This Trek is great for high school students, and has low/moderate daily mileage, making for a more casual ride.

Amsterdam glowing the evening away
The Breakdown
Starts in Amsterdam and ends in Paris over 16 days
Countries: Netherlands, Belgium and France. 
Cities/Towns: Bruges, Ghent, Amsterdam, Paris, Versailles
Places: Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Anne Frank’s house, Vincent Van Gough Museum, the Rijksmuseum, country villages, canal sides and small medieval towns sprinkled on the route.
Everyone bikes in Holland!

D&R Canal

 Calling all history lovers! Calling all outdoors lovers!  Calling all new riders!
The canal is it's summer glory
Ride along the historic D&R Canal, checking out farmhouses, granaries, and barns, groups travel between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  As a First Time Explorers trek, this adventure has been designed as an introductory course to the great sport of bicycle touring.
The D&R Canal Ride is our new trip for younger riders in grades 6-8. 
Visit farmers markets along the way!
So many great ways to experience the canal: land or water!
The Breakdown
Starts and ends in NYC over 6 days
Travel through Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Visit Princeton, Easton, Bethlehem and Trenton
Ride almost entirely on a bike path 
Trenton, NJ

For trip dates, prices and more info, check out the Trips Table at http://teentreks.com/tripstable.html or give us a call!  
 That's all for now, I'm off to interview a potential Leader.  Enjoy your day!