Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures from the New York to Montreal Trek!


It's only the second day and the group is loving life! Early rise and shine at Croton point park. Some sweet cycling...some sweet toothing (ice cream). We ate lunch off a pier on the Hudson and met some sweet old dudes fishing for crabs. Those guys hit the jackpot with a big big bucket of HUGE crabs. We ended the day with a delivery pizza indulgence to a monastery where we are spending the night. We're excited for a tour of FDR's house tomorrow...even more excited for breakfast- Super nice oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins, bananas, and chocolate chips. Yummmm.

Across America Photos!

Across America Trek checks in from the road!

So you're probably wondering what your precious little children have been up to...Not much, really: Just riding past dormant volcanoes, swimming in the freezing Columbia river, soaking up mist from myriad waterfalls and eating loads of nutella and oatmeal. Departing seaside on day one, we traversed 3200 feet of elevation gain and roughly 72 miles through luscious landscapes, which brought us to our first night of camp. 50 easy miles the following day and we were back in Portland. What could top witnessing two weddings in one day, you ask? FREE PIZZA!! That's right, nothing but Portland's finest, Mississippi Pizza Pub. We relaxed our tired legs in the hot tub in the morning and we were off! The kids made pasta that night, and we camped on a beach. Yesterday we camped on a cliff in Oregon, overlooking the Columbia river. Mosquitoes took all the blood we would have donated to the red cross. The wind pushed us eighty miles today, as the landscape transitioned into desert. Tonight we find ourselves in the good graces of a kind restaurant owner named Terry who has insisted that we camp in his 'beer garden'. The kids are pumped up to attempt our first century tomorrow! -Adam, Anna, Bryan, Gavriel,Holly, Kyle, Lurline, Malcolm,Tyler, William, + Zack