Thursday, June 30, 2011

Across America Trek Travels to Roosevelt, WA

The group has rolled into the second state of the trip, the great state of Washington. On their way to Roosevelt, WA the group is having a great time traveling along.

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European Phantom Trek Starts in England

"The day started at the airport when the four trekkers first met after our arival in England. Our first ride was a little shaky because it took some getting used to the weight on the back of our bikes and riding on the LEFT side of the road. Dispite the challenges, we made it to Windsor castle with relative ease and spent a few hours bonding and exploring the ancient structure. After sight seeing and laughing at the guards in the funny hats who seem to not have ankles we strolled into town and ate dinner at a real english pub where we chowed down on some scrumptious pub grub. It was a great first step on our European adventure".-Joni Geller, Teen Trekker.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New England Coast Trek Hits the Beach!

Now that they are on Block Island there is only one thing to do... get to the nearest beach! The weather on Block Island is 81 degrees with a slight breeze from the west, could you have a better day at the beach?

New England Coast Trek Cruises on Land and Sea!

After finishing an amazing 40 miles on their bikes the group went aboard the Block Island Ferry. After changing a few tires the teens made the 40 miles, the most miles the group will do in a single day, look easy. Enjoy Block Island!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New England Coast Trek Finds the Pool!

It didn't take long for the group to find out the best way to cool off and relax those leg muscles is to dive right in! Tomorrow the group will take a ferry to Block Island, RI.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Across America Trek finds its way to Portland, OR

The journey continues, as the group finds its way back to Portland, OR. After flying into the "city of roses" a few days earlier they traveled west to Seaside, OR where the trip officially began. Now, with the first hundred mile behind them the group is starting to find its groove.

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New England Coast Trek Stops in Mystic, CT

After three days of biking, the group pulled into the sleepy beach town of Mystic, CT. They soon focused their attention on the famous Mystic Pizza for lunch. Full of pizza the group is in great spirits and really looking forward to spending the night in a hotel.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New England Coast Trek is Biking from New Haven to Boston

Eleven excited Trekkers and their Trip Leaders Todd and Kaitlyn biked away from the New Haven train station in Connecticut this morning for a beautiful ride along the Atlantic Coast (Long Island Sound) and will spend tonight at Hammonassett State Park.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Across America Trek Starts The Season!

A big congratulations and good luck to the teens embarking on the Across America Trek! Follow them on our blog all summer long. This year we have a new way of keeping track of our trip, custom maps on Google. Here is the link to the Across America Trek map. It will be updated as the trip continues so be sure to check back regularly

Welcome Laura!

Hey Teen Trekers!

My name is Laura. I’m from Buffalo, NY and I love my bicycle! My other passions include painting, drawing, swimming, running, photography, music, sewing, chocolate and coffee. I’ve been a lifeguard and taught swim lessons for the past five years. I recently got a degree in Architecture from the University at Buffalo and will be heading to Boston in the fall to start my Masters of Architecture at MIT.

I love to travel; I love the independence and freedom of taking off on my bicycle for a new adventure, and I love all of the new people to meet and new perspectives to be gained from traveling. I studied abroad last summer in Barcelona, Spain and got to explore all of the awesome architecture over there. I was also able to check out Paris, Amsterdam, and got to see Spain win the World Cup in Madrid! This summer I’m excited to explore roads a little closer to home.

We’ve just finished a week of Leadership Training packed full of bike mechanics, camping, laughing, and delicious cooking. I got to meet and hang out with a really awesome group of Leaders. I’m looking forward to two stellar trips that I’ll be leading with Chris this summer-around Lake Ontario and from NY to Montreal. I look forward to meeting all of you Trekers!