Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Darcy!

Hello Teen Trekkers! My name is Darcy and I am from Seattle, Washington, but am currently living just outside of Austin, Texas. Currently I am working at an outdoor school teaching everything from biology and geology to teambuilding and rock climbing.  I led a Teen Trek in 2010 to Europe and had such a great time.  I graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2010 with a degree in Italian. Other than biking, I love to rock climb and any other activities that keep me outside. I am really looking forward to another Teen Trek adventure because cycling is the best way to put a smile on my face and I get to share that with you!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Say Hi to Jake!

Hello fellow trekkers and travelers! I’m Jake from Buffalo, NY. I’m counting down the days to meet the rest of Team Teen Treks 2012, and find out who will be joining me for the most excellent adventure! I just returned from a memorable cross country camping trip (my first), and can’t wait to explore more places! My girlfriend and I camped in places like Yellowstone, The Badlands, and Death Valley. I saw my first cave, climbed a Colorado mountain, and swam in each of the Great Lakes and both Oceans! I am lucky to have such an awesome job, enroot to finishing my degree in education at Buffalo State College. I also skateboard, play basketball, softball, Frisbee, board-games, mountain-bike, and have ice cream & animated movie nights! In the past I’ve been a camp counselor, playground attendant, coach and instructor, interned at a nature preserve, spent 6 years in a bike shop and recently worked in a program teaching bicycle safety and DIY maintenance. Riding my bike gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I look forward to meeting you!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Alec

Greetings to my fellow cyclists, vagabonds, middle of nowhere goers, adventurers of the road; I cannot wait to meet you all and get on the road. My name is Alec, of Ossining, New York and I will be one of your fearless leaders. I cannot wait to share the joy of being on the road, meeting people, and seeing the towns that have no highway exits. We are going to the most interesting places, and we are going to get there on the road less travelled. Professionally, I have spent the last seven summers working at three different summer camps. Cycling through the Alps and Eastern Europe was my most surprising recent adventure, as plans to travel by bike materialized only after arriving in Greece. Spontaneity is my passion, so I rolled with it! I also enjoy, mountain biking, running, hiking, knitting, welding, wilderness survival and primitive living, snowboarding, swimming, and most importantly, just hanging with friends! The only thing better than hanging out, is hanging out on bikes. I can hardly wait for the summer to arrive!