Friday, July 20, 2018

A Restful Day on Block Island for the New England Shore Trekkers

Hey Teen Trek fam. Whats poppin'!?

Today in the Teen Trek house we got to sleep in late on Block Island and had some delish oatmeal for breakfast. The boys accidentally started boiling water for oatmeal in the not-fully-clean sloppy joe pot from last night, but we caught their mistake in time! We hung out around camp for a bit and played cards, then headed out for the day to explore Block Island. We had some stinky clothes that we needed to wash so we found a laundry place near our campground. Then we headed out to the beach and got our tan on, buried Nora and Russell in the sand, had ice cream and swam for a little bit. That was legit. After that we went window shopping on the main street by the ferry and saw some pretty dope hoodies. It was nifty. 

Our group then went back to the beach to take showers, but the showers were closed early so we washed up under an outdoor spigot that was really cold! Shiver shiver. We stayed at the beach a while longer after that and had pullup and flexibility contests (Nora won). The views were ten out of ten, including miles of beaches and infinite ocean. Spectacular. 

Camp nachos were the dinner of choice tonight and they were great, followed by marshmallows. We head to bed now awaiting the ferry trip to Newport tomorrow!