Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Enjoy Leisurely Day in Vancouver, BC

This morning we were afforded a leisurely 8:30 wake up in the first beds that we have slept in for a while. The Samesun Hostel provided a luxurious breakfast of bagels and muffins, followed by the first modern laundry of the trip. After a relaxing morning we kickstarted our activities with a Greek lunch. After getting our bikes from the hostel we took some very light bikes to Granville Island. The island had an awesome market which was fun to just explore and walk around  while also observing street performers. We went from Granville to Stanley Park, where we found the Lost Lagoon and curved frisbees around trees. We topped the day off with some modified Buffalo mac & cheese. Tomorrow we look forward to our longest ride of 55 miles, arriving in Victoria, and being in Canada for Canada Day.
~Written by Trekker Cole