Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Ontario Trekkers Sightsee, Hike, and Bike Around Niagara Falls

The day started at 7:30, leading to a group breakfast at 8:00 that was full of peanut butter banana toast and Nutella. We then packed up our panniers with the little amount of gear we needed for the day and headed off to the American border. After narrowly escaping the clutches of a mean border patrol lady who didn't want us spending time in the shade, and threatened to detain Tyler, we biked to Whirlpool State Park for a hike. The hike consisted of beautiful views of the water and many rocks to climb. Once we made it to a group of flat rocks that overlooked the rapids, we stopped and relaxed. The walk up was slightly more strenuous, as we climbed up a massive amount of stairs, but it was all the better to help us prepare for all the biking we have in our futures.  After hiking for an hour we went to a supermarket on the New York side and stocked up with deli meats and cheeses.  We enjoyed our lunch and then went on the Maid of the Mist where everyone was drenched at the front of the boat.  We then proceeded back across the Rainbow bridge and had fun waving at cars as we waited on line to go back into Canada.  We ended the day celebrating Ryan's birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe where we enjoyed burgers and sundaes. Tomorrow we head to Jordan for our first night camping.
Written by Trekkers Sarah & Ted