Monday, July 31, 2017

Niagara Toronto Trekkers Bike North Through Beautiful Ontario

Trekkers woke up to a nice free breakfast at the hostel we were staying at in Niagara! Tonight would be our first night camping of the trip. About halfway through our days' miles we stopped of at the Welland Canal Museum and watched a large tanker go by through the canal system and short video about the history of the canal. After lunch and some games at the park next door, we biked to Balls Falls Conservation Area to camp. We were welcomed by the bellows of large bull frogs from the pond near the entrance. Later we learned from one of the park employees that there lives a frog the size of a cat in that pond, that the other employees had named Charles. We hungrily scarfed down some breakfast burritos for dinner, made Smores for dessert, and sat around the fire taking turns sharing funny and scary stories. The picture above was shot at sunset just before indulging on marshmallowy goodness. Happy Sunday!