Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NY-Montreal Trekkers Enjoy Lake George

After the big ride yesterday, our 18 mile ride up the Warren County Bikeway felt like a breeze! In the morning, we met another Teen Treks tripleader Sasha, and she joined us for the ride. After a stop at a bike shop for new inner tubes, we reached Lake George and took a relaxing swim. Then, we decided to use some of our activity funds and go stand up paddle boarding for an hour! It was a beautiful way to enjoy the mountain scenery and the keep cool in the summer sun. Later, we quickly polished off two quarts of ice cream, and cooked burgers and hot dogs over a charcoal fire. After dinner, we went back into Lake George to play some games at an arcade and listen to street musicians. Tomorrow, we traverse Lake George via steamship, and cross into Vermont.