Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Busy But Wet Day in Martha's Vineyard for Cape Cod Trekkers

We woke up this morning, had breakfast at the hostel, and biked in a drizzling rain eight miles to Vineyard Haven. We locked our bikes while we ate pizza for lunch. When it started to pour, we put boxes on each other's heads to try to be dry and ran through a flash flood to a movie theater. Since we were over two hours early we went to the Madison Mouse Hotel and asked for towels and played cards inside the dry hotel. Then we ran to the movie theater to watch Jaws, which was filmed here on Martha's Vineyard and was packed. (Almost) everyone jumped at the scary shark attacks) After the movie we found out BOTH of our fellow trekker Davis' tires were flat. While fixing it, a passerby stopped and helped fix the flats. We biked back to the hostel, the rain parted, and we cooked grilled cheese and stir fry. We were offered donuts from a woman at the hostel and finished the long long wet day with a vicious game of cards with some fellow hostelers, British soccer coaches. -
written by Davis and Jack