Saturday, July 22, 2017

New England Trekkers Sadly Leave Block Island

Today we woke up in our Boy Scout Camp to a group of real boy scouts, much to our delight, after impersonating them for the weekend - there was even a real Peter (what we've named Andre)! We were sad to leave Block Island, but after a pleasant ferry ride, we were ready to bike on, cruising at record speeds down the peaceful Connecticut river up north to Providence. We stopped in a swimming hole to jump in the river and eat lunch (and got an awesome taste of Rex's (Avi) parkour skills). We got dinner outside of a closing grocery store and biked in to the night down a gorgeous bike trail to the water, where we now peacefully lay, tentless on the beach. A very full and wonderful day. P.S. Chet (Alison) would like you all to know that today her count of how much road kill we've seen hit 36.... yay?