Sunday, July 23, 2017

Easy Ride a to Posh Providence Hampton Inn for New England Trekkers

The sun was a perfect red orb rising through the haze over the Connecticut River as we swiftly packed our gear and glided down the final miles till Providence through country hills, strip malls, and, finally the city. We got directions from some nice urbanites who were inspired by our journey. The Hampton Inn, our fancy hotel in downtown Providence, does not realize how out of place and wild their newest clientele is. No complaints here! Had lunch, did laundry, showered for the first time in days, and took some much much needed naps. Woke up at 7pm for some fancy grilled cheese and a walk to the lighting ceremony of the Water Fire Festival, where boats lit basins of wood in the middle of the river. We gawked, walked, and talked around the burning river till late before collapsing into our cavernous sheets.