Saturday, July 8, 2017

NY-Montreal Trekkers Spend the Day Exploring the Capital

Today we had an easy 20 mile ride to Albany, the capital of the state of New York, which we finished by 11:30 in the morning. With this extra afternoon of free time, we ate a leisurely lunch on the lawn in front of the New York State Museum, then visited the many interesting exhibits that the museum had to offer. After the museum, we returned to our hotel (a welcome respite from camping) to do some laundry and take a siesta before making dinner. Tonight, we cooked quesadillas in a park overlooking the Hudson River, which was right across the street from the hotel! After barely avoiding an oncoming rainshower, we came back to the hotel to swim in the pool and have an ice cream bar. Tomorrow, we will be exploring the city of Albany and enjoying a rest day, before we embark on our longest day of the trip (50 miles!) on Sunday.