Sunday, August 11, 2019

Vermonster overwhelms the NY-Montreal Trekkers

Today we left our campground and biked through the Vermont landscape in search of a Vermontster (a bucked of Ben & Jerry's ice cream with 20 scoops of ice cream and unlimited toppings). We ate lunch outside of a library and continued our route through the rolling hills and beautiful farmland into Burlington. After unpacking our gear at a hotel, we took the bus into town to walk around Church St. and mentally prepare for the greatest ice cream challenge we will face this trip. We entered Ben & Jerry's and began our quest to conquer the Vermontster. Mission complete in 12 just minutes! Below is a review, as rated by Adam. Afterwards, we walked around Burlington, ate dinner, then returned to the hotel to relax before continuing our adventure North tomorrow!

The Vermontster:
Taste- solid 8 
Quantity- 8.5 (I thought there would be more)
Toppings- 9 (gummy bears were a bad choice, they slowed us down and we couldn't get through the bucket as fast as we'd have liked)
Service- 9
Location- 10 
Smell- 10
Quality- 9
Flavors- 9
Apoapsis of the day would definitely be the Vermontster.