Sunday, August 4, 2019

Acadia at last for Maine Coast Trekkers

We made it to Acadia National Park!! The day we’ve long anticipated has finally arrived. With many miles and giant hills behind us, we feast on a overflowing plate of burritos and burst into random spouts of laughter, somewhat inspired by delirious exhaustion, mostly  spurred from gratitude of accomplishing the laborious journey to Acadia.

All the small moments stand out the most. Like the duck crossing sign stationed next to a walkway for passing ducks. Or the numerous occasions the word “Maine” has been used in punny business signs, like the Asian restaurant we passed today, called “Chow Maine.”

Each Trekker has their own strategy for entertaining their minds during long stints on hilly roads. Trekker Katie and Lily have been keeping track of passing license plates, aiming to see all the U.S states throughout the trip. You might also find Trekker Katie bursting out into song or humming along to a catchy tune in her head. Trekker Max is what we’d call a quiet climber, he puts his head down and races to the top, sometimes you’ll see him starting and stopping his stopwatch, perhaps perfecting the perfect hill ascent. Today Leaders Ben and Katie created catchy rhymes on the road, carefully crafting words into creative poems to share at water stops.

The giant trees and the distant stars tower overhead as heavy legs and dirty feet are happily tucked into sleeping bags for a well-deserved night of rest. There is so much to do in Acadia and the beautiful nature is inviting us in for times of rest, exploration and adventure in the coming days. We’ll let you know how it goes!