Thursday, August 1, 2019

Maine Coast Trekkers enjoying the campgrounds

The campsites that we’ve been staying in have been some of the best sites that one could really ever ask for. Yesterday’s site was a sort of mixture between an organic farm and an Oceanside campsite. There was an educational livestock barn, a farm store where the days produce could be purchased, and a cafe serving up some goodies with fresh ingredients. Honestly we didn’t really want to leave this morning because if we’d stayed we could have sat in on a canning workshop and then taken one of their “goat hikes” in the afternoon. However, we had places to be and swimming holes to find so we made our way “down east,” or maybe north, I can’t say for sure. Mainers seem to just kind of make up names for directions on the spot. In any case, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park was 40 miles ago and we’ve found a new place to call home for the evening. Where Duck Puddle Campground falls somewhat short in its name, it makes up threefold for in accommodations, scenic waterfront access, and friendly people. The ride here was hilly but it was nice to roll up to a campsite right on the water where we could cook dinner and wind down before the impending storm that we’ve been looking forward to all day. The pitter patter of the rain should keep us lulled to sleep throughout the night.

Sweet Dreams