Saturday, August 3, 2019

Cape Cod Trekkers bike, swim, and golf in Falmouth

This morning we left what we thought was our favorite camp ground on Martha's Vineyard which we had stayed 2 nights at.  After catching the 9:30 ferry we landed in Woodshole and headed to our new home Falmouth.  The ferry let us off onto a wonderful bicycle path that was shaded by large trees then dropped us out right next to the ocean where we spent time skipping rocks while others studied them.  We pushed on to shop for lunch and then had a nice lunch on a shady lawn.  Just a few more miles brought us to our current location which has more amenities than all the campgrounds thus far.  We all played miniature golf.  Some swam in the pool.  Later we had taco's and watched the in house movie Dog Hotel.  We are grateful for the amazing dry weather and lack of  mosquitoes that we continue having