Saturday, August 3, 2019

NY-Montreal Trekkers bike a beautiful stretch of the Hudson Valley

Today we woke up a little sweaty and bitten by mosquitos (#camplife) and ate oatmeal and biked to the grocery store. We biked, picniced at the park and talked about Australia and the great Emu war. Then we biked a really long downhill stretch, and the only working speedometer is in kilometers. We biked to the river for some ice cream, but then I saw the cutest dog ever and said hi. Meanwhile, the 4 guys were staring at a cow on the bathroom door. Wait, I was looking at it too. And then the bike ride started, a continuous uphill battle that got better when we rolled into the hotel. Then we went to the hotel pool and played like 4 hours of Marco Polo, then switched between the hot tub and the pool trying to get pnemonia (it didn't work).  Then we went to Walmart and I got all of the stuff I realized I needed for this trip (aka bike light, bike gloves... Still looking for bike shorts). We came back to the hotel and none of the room keys were working but it was because we mixed them all up. We're still trying to remember to eat the lettuce with our meal. Now we're watching cartoons and eating a bunch of weird cake flavors. Good night, see you tomorrow. -Trekker Millie