Friday, August 2, 2019

Mussels galore for Maine Coast bikers

The Atlantic coast has become progressively hillier as we travel Northeast but our progressively more massive quads were able to make short work of today’s ascents and we finished the ride quickly with plenty of time to relax at this evening’s campsite. Once we arrived and set up camp, we grabbed our belays and started the extremely technical descent down one of Maine’s many rocky/boulder/cliff/mountain beaches. Okay, it wasn’t actually so extreme but it definitely did involve both feet and hands. As an added bonus for our tenacity as shore-seeking rock climbers, we also happened to stumble upon a multitude of fresh mussels that we may have collected a few of on our way back to camp. Those allowed us to cook the most delicious meal in all of New England because gosh darn those mussels were tasty. 

Bon Appetit