Saturday, August 3, 2019

Maine Coast Trekkers at Penobscott

We stared at our maps early this morning, mentally preparing ourselves for what seemed like a long and arduous day full of continuous roads and serious incline. Little did we expect the little adventures along the way that would make this day notable for more than just the miles behind us.

The day started out with a hiccup- not enough propane to percolate coffee... we fixed this real fast with a quick stop at the local coffee roasters, cozily tucked into a forested Maine cabin. Not far down the road we met a Russian bike tourist by the name of Igor. He was on the road for 7 months traveling all around the US and Canada. He joined us for a delicious lunch spread of seafood salad and warm baguettes and shared highlights from his journey on the road. We said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Later we found ourselves wandering through an Asian antique art and book shop somewhere along Route 1, in attempts to break the distance on a quite toasty, Maine day.

The best stop of the day was by far the Penobscot Bridge Observatory and Fort Knox State Park. The observatory towered over all the birds and mountains in all of Maine, we stared for miles at distant green scapes all around us, including Acadia, where budding thoughts stir our excitement for our arrival there tomorrow. We finished the night with Caribbean food from the most delicious food truck and a carton of cookie dough ice cream. We all lay beneath a blanket of stars, free of tents hindering our view of the many satellites passing over us. There is quite possibly no better way to end such an adventurous day than this.