Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet our Leaders: Marisa

Hello everyone. Teen Treks is exactly what I want to be doing this summer. I am ready for biking to be more than an enjoyable and practical mode of transportation, and I am ready for travel to be more energetic. Camping with my family every summer has taken me to tent sites in Canada, beach houses in New Jersey, and to the many camping spots around New York State’s lakes. Traveling with yourself as the fuel, in the open air, with an anticipatory destination, and with others to share it with along the way, is the adventure I have always wanted to have. I have the patience and compassion for people and travel, and the experience to lead a wonderful trip. I am someone who is never bored and as a camp counselor for 4 summers, I learned to always keep a “bag of tricks” to ensure my campers were never bored as well. You might be curious to know that I’m studying Anthropology at SUNY Brockport, and inside the smallest nutshell you can find, it is the study of people and culture and not just bones, forensics, and ancient ruins (archaeology). Some other things I enjoy doing are playing tennis and volleyball, watching rugby, finding discounts and deals, and carpentry with my Dad. Let’s keep the wheels rolling smoothly, keep the group together, and always have some thing tasty to look forward to after a good bike. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Marisa.