Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet our Leaders: Daniel

Hi all, I’m Daniel Hawthorne, I’ve been living and biking around New York’s scenic Hudson Valley for all of my 21 years. I am just coming off a four year stint in Poughkeepsie where I received my undergraduate degree in cognitive science from Vassar College. With my unfortunate dose of optimism I plan on venturing out from my valley to silicon valley to work on artificial intelligence.I have had a couple interesting jobs while going through school. I tutored for the SATs for Princeton Review, and then started and secured the necessary funding for my own not for profit tutoring program geared towards inner city students. I was a bike messenger in the city for a bit, and I also was a research assistant at my college for a year. I have been on numerous biking trips, including one particularly memorable one with teen treks from Buffalo to Quebec. I love travelling by bicycle, as it seems to be the perfect speed. It has the flexibility to stop and smell the roses while also being able to put some serious distance behind you. I have filled my free time hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and touring around the Hudson Valley, and am excited to explore some new terrain.