Friday, August 3, 2018

Walking and Walking and Walking! Niagara - Toronto Trekkers Explore Toronto!

Today we woke up in the hostel. We ate free breakfast in the Cavern downstairs (would not recommend the orange water). We went to the St. Lawrence market where we enjoyed pretzles and blueberries. Then we kept walking.  And walked and walked and walked. We went to Eaton Centre where Austin got pretzles and Ryan won a screen cleaner, which he used to beautifully clean the Turbo which became euphoric and joyful after being cleaned. We then went to Chinatown and enjoyed "really weird food" (aka dim sum) and bubble tea (Jessie's first bubble tea, new experiences every day!). We went to MEC, Graffiti Alley, back to Chinatown (more bubble tea and souviners) and on to the Kensington market. Dylan then purchased a luxery pair of memory foam 1.50CAD foot cushions. With Dan in the lead, we then walked a mile to Queens Park where we continued our game of catch with Yael's Turbo. We then went to an elusive restaurant, so instead went to a wanna-be Chipotle. Jessie's mouth is on fire, Austin tasted cilantro and edemame, , Ryan ate a 3lb "big ass" burrito and Dylan enjoyed ice cream with his kids meal. Excited to explore Toronto by bike tomorrow!

Signing off Winston, Lanky Langberg, Caitlyn & Spencer