Thursday, August 2, 2018

New York - Montreal Trekkers Reach Burlington and Share a Vermonster!

The seven of us—two Leaders and five Trekkers—awoke in the beautiful state of Vermont for the first time during this trip this morning. After our usual breakfast, we headed out from Button Bay State Park to North Beach Campground in Burlington, VT. We knocked out most of the mileage during the morning, covering over 25 miles of rolling hills with spectacular views of the Vermont landscape.

After a light lunch, we headed into the heart of Burlington for the highlight of the day: taking on Ben & Jerry’s “Vermonster.” For those unfamiliar, the Vermonster is a whopping 20 scoops of ice cream, not to mention additional brownies, cookies, candy toppings, hot fudge, caramel, banana, and whipped cream. Served in a bucket, the trekkers attacked the Vermonster armed only with spoons, and took it down in just over 15 minutes!

Satiated, the group completed the three miles to the campground to set up camp for the night. The group split up, half heading to exploring the town of Burlington, while the other half got ingredients for this evening’s dinner. After a late meal, the trekkers hopped back on their bikes to check out the nearby beach, and the night was finally capped off with a few rounds of cards.