Thursday, August 2, 2018

Niagara - Toronto Trekkers Bike to Toronto!

Today we went biking. We biked and biked and biked (35 miles). We started in Bronte, where Dylan came to the rescue with After Bite. Then we biked a lot. Then we went onto the Waterfront Trail and continued on that for a while. Then we had Tim's (two times) and pizza for lunch (Dylan ate 10 slices, Ryan 9, Jessie 3, Austin 2, Dan and Yael the rest). Then we stole Yael's phone (aka The Turbo) and played catch. We biked into Toronto and are excited to explore the city tomorrow!

To the tune of Cruising Down the Street-
Rolling down the street in my lawn mower,
Charging up my Turbo, can it go any slower.
I'm at 10% and it took a whole hour,
I know a kid named Austin and he don't like to shower.

Written by Spencer (Dylan), Kaitlyn (Jessie), Winston (Austin) & Lanky (Ryan)