Sunday, August 5, 2018

Maine Coast Trekkers Journey Up The Coast

Today we were woken up at 7:30, 30 minutes late to compensate for our late night of rock and roll. From there our morning was pretty typical. We put our tents down quickly and dug into a breakfast of oatmeal, cereal and bananas. I got a chocolate milk from the camp shop. Just before we were about to leave, during safety check, we found out that Sammy had a broken spoke, again. Because the bike shop was 20 miles away,  we needed to make the weight on his bike lighter so he could bike without his back wheel falling apart, so I took his tent. Then we left to face the hardest hills we've faced the whole trip. Immediately after we left the camp site the hills set in, but we persevered, only stopping once before the bike shop. Our one stop was 11 miles in, at a small ice cream shop. We needed to fill our water and eat a snack, because our large breakfast was not enough. We ate mango, grapefruit, granola bars, French fries and grapes. Unfortunately the shop did not have any water to give us. After that store we powered through 12 miles to the bike shop with minimal stopping which was only to drink water. At the bike shop we all relaxed and ate ice cream while Sammy's bike was completely rejuvenated. He got a whole new wheel. When Sammys bike was done we waited outside for been to complete his interview with a podcast guy, but it started to rain so we dipped to a restaurant to eat a well deserved lunch. We had swell eats: steak, chicken,  fish and chips and sandwiches. From there we headed to the closest Hannafords which was .5 miles away to stock up on dinner. The campsite was 3 miles away so we sped there and got ready to swim. We made it to the water to learn that there was nowhere to swim, but regardless the view was magnificent. Then we showered and came back to the site to make dinner.  Cooking crew made debatably the best dinner ever, stir fry and chicken. It started to rain in the middle of dinner but that didn't stop us.

Written by Trekker Keya