Monday, August 6, 2018

Climbing Mount Royal and Urban Exploration For New York - Montreal Trekkers

Today was day one of exploring the great city of Montreal. It began with a healthy complimentary breakfast at the hostel then a nice morning walk to the park. Our walk continued and brought us up many flights of stairs to the top of Mount Royal. From here were greeted with a panoramic view of the city below, reaching all the way out to the river.

Our afternoon brought more exploration and a scrumptious lunch consisting of Caribbean cuisine. We ventured into Old Montreal and visited the Notre Dame Basilica. We then made our way towards the waterfront and stumbled upon Festival Orientalys, an opportunity to explore cultures from throughout the world.

The evening consisted of more Monopoly and some poutine fries from down the street. Last day in Montreal tomorrow then bussing out in the evening.