Saturday, July 30, 2016

NY -Montreal Trekkers Cycling Along the Hudson River to FDR's

We started today by waking up at the Ramada Inn Hotel at 8:00am. This night was luxurious to us, considering we biked 30 miles along constant steep hills in 100 degree weather, and because went to a diner that night that gave us energy for the next few days. Today we were lucky though. We cruised along flat, straight bike paths and before we knew it, we travelled 20 miles (we did a total of 36 miles today).

Our main attraction today was one of the highlights of our trip which was the FDR library and museum. This was actually FDR's property where he and his family lived when he was president for four terms. Not only that, but we actually went inside his house and had a tour from an old park ranger.  Once we left, we biked the last stretch of the journey to a state park where we would sleep for a night to replenish for the ride tomorrow.

Quote of the day: "you cant hang with me unless you drink pig's blood."

By Trekker Max