Saturday, July 30, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Biked 400+ Miles Finishing in Bangor

On Thursday we headed back to Echo Lake for a third day of chicken fights after a short hike on Otter Cliff and a lovely lunch at Gringos. We inhaled a gourmet dinner at Adlemans with Adleman himself and rode back to the campsite on a vehicle which was powered by things other than our own two feet.

Life is hard. k
So is biking.
We did it.

-Cassidy, The Wizard.

As for our concluding day, we awoke to Max's final morning salutation of "Goooood morning Teen Trekkers!" at the ungodly hour of 5 am. Despite failed previous attempts to speed up our process of getting ready, we rolled out of the campground at 6:30. We made a spur of the moment decision two nights ago to stay an extra night in Acadia, but the price to pay was one 57 mile day. With the motto of "efficiency and positivity," we energetically completed more than 1/3 of the ride by the time we usually leave the campsite. We made several stops throughout the day, including a 1.5 hour bike repair stop and a celebratory doughnut break in the homestretch. Nonetheless, we made it to the Bangor Days Inn before 3:30. Long, much deserved showers followed our arrival. After sloughing 3 days of National Park grime off ourselves, we assembled into one hotel room to feast on Chinese food while watching Harry Potter.
-Kiera, The Chameleon