Sunday, August 13, 2017

NY-Montreal Trekkers Enjoy Burlington,VT

Today took us from DAR campsite to the city of Burlington, where we spent the majority of our day. After walking around an open market and eating lunch in the park, we looked at shops until coming to a Ben & Jerry's, where we attempted to finish a Vermonster (20  scoops of ice cream with as many toppings as we want).  It came down to Jared, who bravely drank the remaining liquid ice cream left in the bucket. We finally arrived at our campsite in North Beach, where we stayed for the rest of the day.  Some of us took a ride to the grocery store to pick up supplies for an artisan salad and pesto orzo, and the rest did laundry at the campground. Charlie got some free firewood from the office so we made a campfire and ended the evening with a game of mafia.
~Written by Trekker Brendan