Friday, August 4, 2017

Niagara Toronto Trekkers Have A Really Packed Day IN Toronto

The Trekkers had a very busy day today in Toronto! They started off the morning with scrambled eggs and croissants at the hostel, then biked across town to Riverdale Farm, where they saw farm animals and played some games. Next, they headed west towards Chinatown for a tasty lunch at a Chinese restaurant. After eating, the Trekkers explored the surrounding neighborhood, and saw a super cool alley which was filled with street art. Tired from all the walking, they went back to Chinatown for some bubble tea. After the break, the Trekkers had some free time to explore Kensington market, which was full of funky shops and interesting souvenirs. (Jonah and Sara made everyone try kombucha!) After filling up on fermented tea, they headed across town again to an art gallery and cultural center in East Toronto. By this point, they were all really tired, so they went back to the neighborhood of the hostel to grocery shop and cook dinner. Once they finished their meal of spaghetti squash and meatballs, the Trekkers headed west to see Sing! which was being shown on an inflatable screen in a public park. They finished off two more tubs of ice cream in the first 15 minutes of the movie! Unfortunately, the movie was shut down before the ending due to an impending thunderstorm, but fortunately, to the rain didn't start until after we had biked back to the hostel! Glad to be home safe and dry before the storm, the Trekkers quickly fell asleep from such a fun but long day!