Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NY-Montreal Trekkers Find So Much To See In Montreal

Today was an amaZing day. We began with the free breakfast at the hostel which had delicious chocolate chip muffins and pastries and then began our adventure through the city! Our first stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral which was beautiful and ornate. We wandered through the pews and learned a little about the cathedral's history. After the cathedral, we wandered around Old Montreal checking out art galleries and shops along the old cobbled streets. We stopped in for lunch at a quaint crepe restaurant where we filled up on delicious food to fuel us for the rest of the Day. After lunch we explored more of the city, stopping to check out shops and sites along the way. Our final stop was at Eva B, a large thrift store/cafe/magical maze of clothes, antiques, and other treasures that we all spent a long time sifting through. 
After the thrift store we headed back to the hostel to nap and recharge for the evening. Andy and Emily cooked a Carribean feast for dinner and we all sat on the patio and enjoyed one of our last dinners together! After dinner, we stopped to check out the Montreal Pride festival which was happening a block away from the hostel. The Pride festival was so awesome and we ended up staying there for the rest of the night. We saw Bollywood dancers, singers, and listened to a lot of french speakers that we didn't understand and the night finally ended with a big dance party! We came back to the hostel a little before midnight and swiftly crashed so we could get enough sleep for tomorrow -- our full day together.