Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MONTREAL at Last for the NY-Montreal Trekkers

We finally reached Montreal today! We woke up and packed up camp quickly so we would make our way to the city. We rode through endless corn fields and farms and half way through the ride, we finally reached the outskirts of the city. We stopped for lunch and of course, ice cream at a beautiful park in the suburbs. We played on the playground and ran through the sprinklers after lunch to raise our motivation. Soaked and laughing, we hopped back on our bikes and continued on to Montreal!

As we neared the city, we began riding on a bike path that took us over the St Laurence River and into the city. When we were right across from the city, we got a little lost and confused but we ran into a nice Montreal man who took us under his wing and led us across the city to our hostel. It was such a nice way to be welcomed to the city! We reached the hostel and settled in before we went out to our celebratory dinner to Poutineville, so everybody could try Poutine, a Canadian dish consisting of french fries smothered in cheese and gravy. After dinner, we wandered around on one of the main streets downtown Montreal that was closed off to cars. There were art exhibits and street performers everywhere! We hung out for a couple hours exploring the city before we headed back to the hostel and fell asleep. We cant wait to explore more tomorrow and celebrate the end of our trip!